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Help! Soya challenge issue for 8 month cmp intolerant DS

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mamacheeks · 07/01/2011 18:40

DS is BF and has reacted to dairy and egg through my breastmilk. Identified at 9 weeks - mostly due to stalking this fantastically useful MN board. I've been dairy free since then and symptoms have disappeared.

Introducing solids has, however, been a bit of a nightmare and DS is proving to have a rather sensitive gut. Visited paediatric dietician in December who was supportive but suggested a soya challenge. I ate a couple of Alpro yoghurts with no obvious effect on DS. I gave him three spoons of soya yoghurt on Weds morning. Since then he has had very runny poos - very pale yellow/ white and has been off his food. This has got steadily worse with 6 stools passed today

Basically I'd like to know how your cmp intolerant children have reacted to soya? Do you think this could be a reaction or is it more likely to be some sort of stomach bug? He's otherwise fine and happy in himself, but is sleeping a lot which is very unusual...

Any comments appreciated! Especially if you've got any advice or support for introducing solids as it's a real minefield. Intend to BF longterm anyway, so not too much of a problem at the moment, but DS is basically on a diet of root vegetables and porridge.

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PerArduaAdNauseum · 07/01/2011 23:51

Not the best person to answer this as don't have an intolerant child myself, just some second hand experience. But... a friend of mine is very intolerant, and says that soy intolerances are on the up, not least because people are using more products in place of dairy etc.

So until someone with more information comes along, have a look at The Intolerant Gourmet for things to cook for yourself (and DS of course) and remember that children don't need dairy or substitutes - even when they're not BFing.


mamacheeks · 08/01/2011 17:33

Thanks perardua. Things took a turn for the worse yesterday evening with DS vomiting all breastmilk. I've only managed to get liquids down him by expressing first and then offering an 'empty' breast. Am guessing it might be a stomach bug now. Out of hours GP has been pretty useless over the phone. Think DS is finally recovering now, but it's been a tricky week...

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