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possible rash?

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babybouncer · 01/01/2011 14:37

My DS is 18 months and I've started noticing a rash around his mouth after he eats sometimes. He's full time at nursery, so I only see him eat at weekends and now I think about it I have seen a redness around his mouth occasionally, but didn't think anything of it. Over Christmas, however, I've noticed it more often and it seems to be after he's eaten tomatoes or beans/spaghetti in tomato sauce - both of which he loves. He doesn't show any other symptoms. Do you think this is an allergy/intolerance? Do I need to take him to the docs? Should I stop letting him have tomatoes?

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eragon · 01/01/2011 15:16

the acid in tomatos can cause a rash, for young children as they have sensitive skin.

does he have any tummy issues after eating tomatos?

if he is otherwise healthy and enjoys the food, simply wipe his face clean if any gets on it!

PixieOnaLeaf · 01/01/2011 18:14

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babybouncer · 03/01/2011 17:59

Thanks - very helpful. I didn't really want to bother a doc with it as he's absolutely fine in all other respects.

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