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Allergies and intolerances

crap parent

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hanreeoak · 29/12/2010 19:46

I feel like such a crap parent, my son has allergies to milk and egg and is intollerant to wheat. I'm normally really carefull and good with his food but standards have really slipped over Christmas. He has just walked in crying his skin is red raw and he has terrible poo's and he asked for cream and medicine, he's only just two!!! how crap am I??? I feel so terrible, I have bathed and creamed him and any food that is not allowed has been parcelled up to give to my brother.
I will have a major cook fest in the morning to make his favourites, I guess a little now and then does hurt, poor boy. I feel so bad.
I just wanted to indulge a bit over Christmas and been a bit short of time, well enough of the excuses. Back to normal hopefully if I work hard at it will get his skin better in a couple of days.

OP posts:
greenbananas · 29/12/2010 19:52

You are not a crap parent!! - you are doing the best you can and we all make mistakes sometimes.

Be kind to yourself - taking care of a child with allergies is hard sometimes! Christmas is a really difficult time with loads of 'forbidden' foods around. Hope he gets better quickly and enjoys his favourites over the next few days.

BeerTricksPotter · 29/12/2010 20:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hwhite6 · 30/12/2010 07:29

You are a brilliant parent for reacting so quick to a hiccup in proceedings! We're all under even more pressure/stress at this time of year, you need time for you too remember.
At least your LO is a bit bigger and came to find you and tell you it hurt. Mine just had a 3hr hysterical screaming fit last night for, on the outside, no apparent reason. Nappy this morning told other stories, but hey we've cleaned up, he's feeling a bit better and today is another day.

If it's any consolation, I too now feel sick having eaten all the chocolate that LO was sent from Rellies that can't grasp the concept that dairy & soya allergies means no chocolate. "Ah, but it's gluten free" they say, great help thanks... quietly go eat myself stupid on mini chocolate bears and milky bars...

hanreeoak · 31/12/2010 17:56

Thank you for such kind messages, all is looking better now, all 'bad' foods have been given away and done a marathon cook. Christmas is hard with all the added pressures and I guess allergies on top just makes it more difficult. Happy new year to everyone xxx

OP posts:
suiledonne · 31/12/2010 18:02

Not a crap parent at all. Dealing with allergies is tiring at the best of times.

I have a similar story to beertricks. We were going to a party at my sister's and I spent ages making egg-free treats for allergic dd1. I made some lovely little cakes and then added edible decorations and totally forgot to check the ingredients. Poor dd1 ended up with a bad reaction and my sister was wracked with guilt thinking it was her fault.

It was only the next day I thought to check the pack the decorations came in and yes - they were full of egg white!

You live and learn.

Hope your ds feels better soon.

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