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Allergies and intolerances

Anyone tried Alpro soya junior ?

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sparklystar · 06/12/2010 08:15


DD was dairy intolerant and has managed to be able to eat small amounts of yoghurt / cheese but cannot stomach milk.

We were being prescribed Pepti but when she is 2 the dietician has stopped this saying to try soya, rice, oat milks.

DD now 2:5 yrs hates all of these, in the latest converstion i had with the dietician she suggested i try Alpro soya junior apparently tastes different to normal soya ?

Any experience ?

OP posts:
castleonthehill · 06/12/2010 20:20

Why don't you try mixing soya with the pepti maybe 5-1 then slowly increase the soya. I did this with dd1 to get her from formula to cows milk

Have you tried goat and sheep milk.

heliotrope · 07/12/2010 13:10

I hadn't seen this - an exciting development for us as ds has been on adult soy milk as main milk since age 2 (previoulsy on wysoy formula). Would have been good for him to have had this, maybe even now at 3.5.
Not sure about taste - would expect it to maybe be creamier than normal soy. We found he wouldn't drink the formula at all (either wysoy or nutramigen which we had previously), but did gradually drink the soy milk.
HOpe it works out for you - its good when you get settled into the products which work within your restrictions.

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