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is it eczema if it does not itch?

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janx · 17/09/2005 21:02

My dd looks like she is developing eczema. At first I thought it was heat rash - she had red skin behind her knees during the really hot weather... but it is getting worse and is now all over her knees, on her elbows and by her armpits. She doesn't seem to be scratching her skin. Me and my partner don't suffer from it - although my skin is sensitive. Her skin now looks dried out and lumpy. she is one year and teething like mad - has 8 teeth and her molars are coming through. Any ideas - will go to the doctors on friday. She has recently started with a childminder, but is very happy there and does not seem stressed at all.

OP posts:
starlover · 17/09/2005 21:06

oh my ds has something that sounds like this.
showed HV and she didn't say what it was (or what she thought it might be),.. but didn't mention eczema

anyway, she prescribed him doublebase cream which has worked REALLY well and almost got rid of it now

helsi · 17/09/2005 21:08

This happened with dd from 4 months. She had it behind her knees and all over her back. She didn't cratch either.
Doctor prescribed a cream to rub in and an emolient for her bath. It cleared up in no time.

Do you stick to the same washing powder? Dd'd flares up if I don't stick to Fairy non-bio powder.

janx · 17/09/2005 21:13

Have not changed powder - use ecover. Have stopped using soap in bath and have tried e45 - hope it clears up. Has anyone linked it to teething? or food?

OP posts:
starlover · 17/09/2005 21:18

i couldn't link it to anything!
i also use ecover and sometimes fairy but that doesn't seem to be it!
HV couldn't shed any light on it either... but definitely see your GP or HV. the doublebase cream was excellent and i would definitely recommend it
I think you acn buy it over the counter, but obviously it's better if you can get it on prescription!

helsi · 17/09/2005 21:21

It does sometimes happen between the ages of 2 months and 2 years for no apparent reason.

futurity · 17/09/2005 21:32

Sorry for butting in but my 7 month old son has behind the knees and around the side of his mouth..also teething as well. What is doublebase it the same as Diprobase? My first son had eczema on his chest and behind the knees but grew out of it (as well as using Diprobase and occasionally hydrocortisone cream) but this time round with it being on DS2's face I am not sure what I can put on it...will go to the doctor this week or will the pharmisist be able to help?

starlover · 17/09/2005 21:35

no idea futurity! it's kind of gel-like.. odd texture to it.
you can use it in the bath as well

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