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Allergies and intolerances

Can someone please explain Cow's Milk Allergy to me?

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PippiL · 30/10/2010 21:44

I'm 32. When I was a baby my mum BF me to 6m, then gave formula which I had a terrible reaction to (very sore bot most obvious symptom).

Drs gave me an endoscopy and told cows milk to blame.

All my mum was told was not to give me cows milk or dairy (eggs fine).

No follow up, nothing. Aged 12ish we started introducing dairy again and all seemed fine.

Just wondering if this is something you grow out of fully. I've never had any more info on it. Presume it was Allergy not Intollerance, but don't really know.

I started putting on weight after eating dairy again (obviously all the extra fat!), and sometimes now suffer from bloating and bad tummy. Could this be related or just coincidence?

Just interested to know since the Drs never thought to give us any more info!

(also posted on Gen Health by mistake)

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PixieOnaLeaf · 31/10/2010 18:21

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Message withdrawn

nanatothree · 01/11/2010 21:19

My little grandson of 2years has cows milk allergy and didn't get diagnosed until 10mths. His symptoms were severe excema,stomach bloating and bowel problems.GP prescribed all the usual excema creams etc and nothing worked. Changed formula on advise of HV and actually tried all on the market. His symptoms got worse and very gradually his skin was turning yellow. I know its strange but it was only then did GP prescribe Nutrimigen and then Neocate. Within two weeks all excema had gone. First time milk allergy mentioned so sent to see consultant who said to stop all milk and dairy. This must have been an intolerance to start but now full milk and dairy allergy. He also has developed asthma so epi pens on hand. Consultant has done blood tests and not looking like he will grow out of it. Dietician said to try soya but he reacted to that as well. But you can live without milk and dairy products there are alternatives. If I were you I would cut down on the dairy and see if you feel better not worth eating if it makes you feel bad.

rockinhippy · 01/11/2010 21:36

Myself & DD are both lactose (milk sugar) intolerant, due to related health issues she sometimes is dairy intolerant, as in WHEN she is having a flare up of her stomach/intestine problems,

so far diagnosis her is IBS, but as she wasn't having a flare up when we saw the specialist, so apparently they can't be 100% sure, as during a bad antibiotic induced flare up, we ended up down A&E with suspected appendicitis, but Dr there said colitis, so its wait & see & have been told I'm managing it well with her diet etc.

in short, from my experience with both myself & DD, during times when you are not experiencing problems, you will get away with eating some diary (in our case wheat too) but if you eat a lot, or have other factors such as stress, antibiotics etc mess up your digestive processes, then you will have problems with eating any diary.

In our case, neither of us can drink milk at all, & do get the bloating you describe if we do, we can drink "Lactolite" lactose free milk, without any problems....UNLESS digestion is already disturbed as mentioned above, then ANY diary will make it worse

hope that makes sense

if Lactolite isn't the answer for you, then theres plenty of other good alternatives, Almond milk being the best, as like cows milk its a good source of calcium, but you can get that from other sources such as fish etc....DD loves coconut milk for shakes etc

also your gut flora will be out of balance, so you can buy powders such as Viridian gut flora powders to add to smoothies, shakes etc, these will help your stomach/intestines settle again

as an adult, I swear by cats claw, but its no good for kids

nottirednow · 02/11/2010 07:04

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Message withdrawn

auntevil · 02/11/2010 13:57

It depends what constituent in the milk you are intolerant to. the sugar , lactose - is an intolerance. You do not produce enough (in some people they don't produce any) lactase to break down the sugar into digestible parts.
Intolerance to milk protein is different. The immune system reacts to the protein - causing anything from a runny nose to anaphylaxis (very rare for dairy) and lots of symptoms in between. A reaction from the immune system is an allergy. An inability to digest is an intolerance.
There can be similar symptoms from both.

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