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A miracle cream for dry sore hands needed

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Curlybrunette · 29/10/2010 11:35

Hi all,

I am asking advise for my dad. He gets very dry sore, cracked fingertips which eventually bleed.

He's had this for years and about 10 years ago had tests which came back and said he was allergic so some vegetation from South America, it seemed very random seeing that he's a Yorkshireman but we traced it back to the fact he had a newsagents shop and it was something in the newspaper material.

Anyway, he's no longer a newsagent and is have a big flare up at the moment. I've said to him it may help if he moistured regularly throughout the day but he's a bit rubbish at that so I wondered if anyone knew of a really good moisturiser that he could maybe put on morning and evening that would provide some protection.

Ta chucks

OP posts:
PandaG · 29/10/2010 11:44

mum uses DErmol 500 - gets it on prescription I think. Her fingertips crack and bleed, and this really seems to help. I've used it when at hers on a patch of very dry scaly skin and it really helped me.

Marrow · 29/10/2010 11:45

Body Shop Hemp Handcream is great.

morethanyoubargainfor · 29/10/2010 11:45

the best i have found is body shop hemp hand protector. It is brilliant and i have very sensitive skin with psoriasis and it is the only thing i can use.

My dad also uses it on my say so as his hands crack and bleed and he can't find anything negative to say about the stuff, (apart from the price!)

It is well worth it.

here it is

morethanyoubargainfor · 29/10/2010 11:46

snap marrow Grin.

Marrow · 29/10/2010 11:47
titan · 29/10/2010 11:56

Neutrogena is also excellent and cheap. Might be worth seeing the GP though in case they can prescribe something more effective.

EvilAntsAndMiasmas · 29/10/2010 11:59

I fiind that a really good beeswax based handcream works well. Not so much a handcream as a paste type texture really. It gets right into your skin and is waterproof (being wax) so protects your hands for longer.

I use Birdys but sure there are others. Lots of beekeepers make them.

Curlybrunette · 30/10/2010 12:09

Thanks guys, might get my dad handcream for christmas!

OP posts:
ariane5 · 30/10/2010 12:17

i get severe eczema on my hands caused by allergies when i have a flare up i use betnovate-n ointment and dermol 500(both on prescription) and when it isnt as bad i use nivea sos handcream or boots expert intensive hand cream,both are really good,reasonably priced and seem to keep my hands moisturised for a few hours.

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