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lunch box advice - egg, nut and gluten free

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sunshine74 · 18/10/2010 13:02

Just wondered if anyone has any suggestions:
I have two children, DD1 is coeliac and for the sake of simplicity and to prevent mistakes I don't tend to buy much food for the family with gluten in (apart from a bit of bread and pasta)
This generally works fine and both of them are happy to eat my attempts at gluten free cakes etc.
DD2 goes to pre-school and takes a packed lunch a couple of days a week. A new child has just started who is really, really allergic to lots of different foods including eggs and nuts. Apparently it is so bad that even skin contact with small amounts of egg can trigger a serious reaction Sad
Anyway, obviously we can't send those foods in packed lunches any more, even cooked egg in cake is not allowed, so I was just wondering if anyone could think of anything 'cake-like' that is gluten, egg and nut free?
DD2 can of course manage quite well with a sandwich, fruit and yoghurt but she is a skinny little thing who has previously failed to thrive so would be nice to give her the odd treat at lunchtime if it can be safely done.
So far I have tried jam tarts with gf pastry and crispie cakes. Has anyone got any other suggestions?
Also, is there anything that I should be aware of that contains egg that isn't obvious? Would hate, hate, hate to inadvertently cause harm to this other child.

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MaudOHara · 18/10/2010 14:01

Its a tricky one but will have a think and come back - in the meantime just wanted to say what a lovely thoughtful person you are - a child at our school has a nut allergy and when parents were asked to avoid sending in nuts or nut products there was an outcry [angy] - was appalled that people thought it such an inconvenience that they would rather risk a poor child

sunshine74 · 19/10/2010 20:46

Thanks for your kind reply. To be honest, the list of allergies for this child was so long, and the severity of the reaction so extreme that I think everyone just feels huge amounts of sympathy for the family - I simply cannot imagine what it must be like for those parents to send their child to preschool and put his well being so directly in the hands of parents (like me) who they have never even met - extremely brave.
Very Sad about the reaction at your school - I sort of assumed most schools were nut-free for this reason.

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