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Can Yorkshire Puddings be made Gluten free?

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loves2walk · 18/10/2010 11:18

We are planning on having beef for Christmas Day lunch this year and I would love to be able to make my coeliac son some yorkshire puds so he doesn't miss out on this bit of the meal.

Has anyone tried making them gluten free?

OP posts:
nottirednow · 18/10/2010 11:21

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Message withdrawn

tkband3 · 18/10/2010 11:22

I've not tried making them gluten free, although I might have a recipe somewhere (will have a rummage), but Sainsburys have some frozen ready made ones which are pretty good! They're made by Dietary Specials, so you can probably get them in other supermarkets as well or on-line.

Have you tried simply using Doves GF flour in your usual recipe? You might need a bit more milk, but it should work fine...worth a try!!

ZombiePandaEatsEis · 18/10/2010 11:22

i was looking into this last night funnily enoughSmile

if you use gluten free flour mix then they can be made gluten free (isnt it just flour, eggs and milk or somesuch batter-ey recipe?) Asda and tescos sell Dove farm flour and it is all gluten free (or go here to them direct...they do all sorts of gluten free baked goods tooSmile)

i am awaiting my tests for coeliac disease myself and looking into alternatives if i come out as positive.

hope that helpsSmile

MissAnneElk · 18/10/2010 11:23

Yes. 50g of doves farm gluten free plain flour, 50g of cornfour, 3 eggs and a pinch of salt. Mix well and rest in the fridge for half an hour or more.

MissAnneElk · 18/10/2010 11:24

Sorry, and 140ml of milk!

loves2walk · 18/10/2010 11:55

That's great, thanks so much to you all.

Do they rise and puff up in a similar way to normal yorkshires? I was imagining flat things coming out the oven and a very disappointed 5 year old! I think I'll give your recipe a try out this weekend MissAnne and do a practice run

OP posts:
sunshine74 · 18/10/2010 12:46

My DD is coeliac and we get glutafin flour (Multi-purpose white mix) on prescription. It makes fantastic yorkshire puddings (don't ask how - my DH is the one that actually makes them)
Honestly, they are better than 'normal' ones and rise amazingly well.
Their website has a video on that shows you how to do it.

MissAnneElk · 18/10/2010 13:07

Yes they do rise very well. The only time we were disappointed was when I used doves farm self raising flour and they were like (inedible) pancakes.

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