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where can I buy 100% cotton boy school trousers?

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keresley · 17/10/2010 22:03

I need age 6 grey boys school trousers. Please help. Thanks

OP posts:
organiccarrotcake · 17/10/2010 22:12

I think Next have had them but haven't had stock since I've been looking (although they sometimes come up on ebay).

Trutex made them in Fairtrade, organic cotton but they've sold out - your local school supplier may have stock though.

M&S made a range in black and people were asking for grey.

If you find any in stock please let me know as I want them too. Have been keeping DS in short trousers as long as poss!

Incindentally, Trutex also have been selling Fairtrade, organic cotton sweaters and polos but have discontinued due to lack of demand :(

But I got 3 x FT, OC sweaters and 4 x polos from them, and had our uniform shop put the school logo on and they're far better for the eczema on his arms. I buy as many things as I can organic and fairtrade anyway which was a bonus, but the OC is much better for him.

lottiejenkins · 17/10/2010 22:12
WhoSleptInMyPorridgeAndBrokeIt · 21/10/2010 02:27

erm.. not sure if herringbone would pass as uniform?? bit pricey tho [hsad]

colditz · 21/10/2010 02:34
colditz · 21/10/2010 02:42
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