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Ok, I need a fantastic superduper egg/milk/nut free cake recipie

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misdee · 16/10/2010 14:22

as although dd4 first bithday cake was great, subsequent attempts at it have failed miserably. and tasted awful.

need something which tastes yummy.

cannot use apples/apple sauce as a subsitute as dd2 is allergic to apples.

OP posts:
UnseenAcademicalMum · 16/10/2010 23:49

I use a chocolate cake recipe from the book "Bakin' without eggs". The recipe is called Aunt Sharon's favourite chocolate cake. It is really yummy and you wouldn't know that it is egg/milk free. The recipe uses water as the liquid, but I tend to use rice or oat milk to make it slightly richer. It is the easiest cake recipe I have ever come across because you just dump everything into a bowl and stir.

It goes well with chocolate fudge icing (use oatly cream for the icing). Yum.

mindfulmama · 17/10/2010 20:25

we use either bananas, pears or apricots to bind and add flavour, especially yummy with vanilla essence and honey to sweeten. Friends of my kids prefer this to usual cake when they come to our house!Oat milk is the best , especially if you make custard with it and then use that in place of eggs! good luck :)

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