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Does this sound like an allergic reaction to washing powder ?

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MrsMorgan · 26/09/2010 16:32

I switched washing powder tablets last week, and although I had used this brand before, I hadn't used them for a good year or so.

I have a raised, red and itchy rash all over my neck, chest, upper arms, back, belly and thighs. It is like tiny dots, not wide blotches.

I think it is the powder, but my mum thinks it might be something else as I also have mild cold symptoms too.

Any ideas ??

Oddly, I also had a reaction to a hair dye about a month ago. I had used it lots of times before, but woke up in the night with a very itchy scalp and the next morning my neck and ears were red and itchy.

OP posts:
BlooKangaWonders · 26/09/2010 17:03

I think any sort of allergic reaction is intensified by being unwell already, so if you have a cold, you're more likely to get a rash from dodgy detergent. If it's been a year, the brand has probably been 'improved' so best to give it a wide berth!

MrsMorgan · 26/09/2010 17:06

Thank's, yes I agree that it has no doubt been changed in the last year.

I am going to buy new powder on my way home from work tomorrow and rewash as much of my clothing as possible.

OP posts:
tethersend · 26/09/2010 17:09

My DD has just had exactly the same thing as you describe. I thought it was the washing powder too- although the doctor said it was more likely a virus (she had a cold too). I am no help. I haven't got a clue either.

BrigitBigKnickers · 26/09/2010 17:19

Yes definitely- I remember quite some years ago staying the night with DH round my mum's house. He came out in a nasty rash very similar to the one you describe.

We didn't know what it was at the time but when I got free sample of Persil through the door a while later and used it for a few washes exactly the same thing happened- turns out that is the washing powder my mum has always used.

He has mild eczema and find Bold doesn't aggravate his skin

MrsMorgan · 26/09/2010 19:07

Hmm it is a mystery then lol.

It was Aldi's own washing powder I was using. Have never had any problems with any other brand.

I'd not normally be bothered, but I have just started work on a children's ward and so just wanted to check that it was nothing contagious, but have looked online and it doesn't look like a shingles rash or any other type of infectious rash, so I think it must be the powder.

I suppose I won't know until I change the powder tomorrow.

OP posts:
simpson · 26/09/2010 22:12

my son now 5 comes up in similar rash on his face and torso if I use any other powder other than persil non bio.

Also when I did use the old powder that he was ok with it did take a while for everything to settle back again.

Tigerdrivesbackin · 26/09/2010 22:20

I'm not allergic to anything (well, dogs, cats, horses, but not household products) but I had exactly this a couple of years ago when my mum gave me some washing stuff (combined conditioner, smelly gel filled tablets) that she "couldn't get on with" (thanks, mum!).

It looked exactly as if I was wearing an itchy skin tight jumper. Once I ditched the "exotic jasmine" crap (or whatever exotic flavour it was) and rewashed all my clothes in the usual stuff my skin returned to normal.

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