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Allergies and intolerances

any experience of sudden onset of asthma in a food allergic child?

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malky2 · 13/09/2010 10:25

My 2 year old daughter has many allergies; egg,dairy, nut and sesame. Although initially very difficult we have adapted and apart from a couple of severe reactions life goes on as normal..however this weekend she had a cold and at my nieces birthday party she suddenly became incredibly asthmatic. So much so she could not even talk. I gave her piriton and some of my ventolin and an hour after we left (hastily!) the wheezing had stopped...apart from the odd wheeze she has not showed any signs of asthma before this..any ideas what might have triggered this? there had been a cat living in the house a few years before but my daughter tested negative to cats last week. The house smelt of smoke to me (although my mum could not smell it) and it was an old house that i think has had damp problems (mould?)..It was very frightening but don't want to over react as the only time this had happened...guess i need to brace myself for the onset of least she has pretty much grown out of her eczema already..any tips/advice would be much appreciated

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PixieOnaLeaf · 13/09/2010 12:36

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Message withdrawn

malky2 · 13/09/2010 14:44

yes you are right i am asthmatic..I guess that is why i did not massively panic as i knew what to do and removing her from the allergen calmed the symptoms, ventolin and piroton down straight away...

i will contact my gp,although anticipate they will do no more than suggest ventolin and a spacer (which i already have as was anticipating this problem with her being so atopic)...Going to speak to my allergist as well as very keen to find out what the 'trigger' was...

thanks for your comments

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PixieOnaLeaf · 13/09/2010 17:07

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babybarrister · 14/09/2010 07:39

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Message withdrawn at poster's request.

malky2 · 14/09/2010 22:16

after speaking to her allergist we are going to be cautious and put her on a trial of a preventive she def has had an asthmatic response the potential reaction to a food allergen could be much more severe. That scares me much more than the asthma in isolation...

it is such a rollercoaster with an atopic child..we just get our heads round one thing and another allergy or new phase of the allergic march appears!

thank goodness my son, who is 4 has had none of these problems (yet!)

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brimfull · 16/09/2010 13:32

my ds had sudden onset asthmatic attack a few yrs ago
he has asthma/nut allergy

this was strange though-no food that I could tell was around that he would have reacted to
he just suddenly became very wheezy
we took him to a&e
in hindisight we should have called an ambulance

his sats were 82% when we got there

he is on singulair now which has helped him enormously but I still don't know why he had that sudden onset
it's scary isn't it

malky2 · 18/09/2010 19:57

yes v scary.

My dd was prescribed singulair this week. so fingers crossed it stops that from happening again. Has your ds had any side effects on singulair?

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brimfull · 18/09/2010 22:13

no side effects , he's had no problems with it at all
it has improved his asthma tenfold

nottirednow · 19/09/2010 10:15

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