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Where best to go in London for testing etc?

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notquitebusinessclass · 19/08/2010 10:39

I'm a long time member, but change my name occasionally as I know that a lot of my clients are on here now and don't always want to be identified so they can look back through my past posts!

My DD has had a nut allergy for 15 years, she wants to know if she can eat nuts again ( she is 24) so has asked her GP for testing. GP said it wasn't necessary as she has been diagnosed, end of! It was diagnosed by her collapsing twice after eating nuts, (which she had done all her life) resulting in a blue light to hospital. She never had any formal testing apart from finding out her IGE was 3650, which is very high.

She has asked and insisted to be referred and I know under 'book and choose' she can select where she would like to go, so I am asking for recommendations in the London area.


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Jaybird37 · 19/08/2010 15:41

Prof Gideon Lack is an acclaimed expert in this area. He is also lovely.

He is the person who did the research a few years ago that linked the rise in peanut allergy to the introduction of nappy creams based on arachnis (peanut) oil instead of old-fashioned zinc and castor oil.

The theory is that babe's bottom is red and inflamed with broken skin and lots of white cells helping to heal it. You put the nappy cream with the peanut oil on to soothe it and your white cells tricked into thinking it is the peanuts that caused the nappy rash and is the thing they need to attack..

notquitebusinessclass · 19/08/2010 15:50

Jaybird37, that is interesting, I had heard about the study and DD had bad eczema as a baby on her legs and used to rip her skin to shreds until it bled.

I used lots of prescribed creams when she was under 2, which I now know, had arachnis in them Sad

Thank you

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hellymelly · 19/08/2010 15:59

the clinic at St mary's (Paddington )is meant to be really good.My friend with multiple allergies was treated there and said they were amazing.

notquitebusinessclass · 19/08/2010 17:22

hellymelly, that is good to hear, as that is where her GP has suggested, great! Thank you

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babybarrister · 19/08/2010 18:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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