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any one know about celiac ?

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trace2 · 14/08/2010 19:07

dd 3 having tests for colitis, chrons as she been bleeding from her bum lots but her poo all ways been yuk one minute water poos then constipated , but she is tub fed, anyway today she had some brown bread and butter at mil about two hours ago she don't usually eat come home and pooded full of mucas could it be the bread they have wounded if she celiac but as she don't eat enough they said to wait. am i barking up the wrong tree could it effect her this quick?

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mumbar · 14/08/2010 19:25

no mucas stool is sympton of inflammitory bowel disease or IBS as well as coeliacs. As well as bleeding and incontinous stool movements. I have all this and have been diagnosed with IBS as everything else ruled out.

Mucus can form when the stomach digests food slowly and bowels are working to move food along but not enough to work on IYSWIM.

Not sure what your dd is tub fed for and how much but if she has liquids mainly could this be why?

You can ask GP for blood test for coeliacs if you are concerned though as it wouldn't hurt to rule it out.

Best of luck.

trace2 · 14/08/2010 19:34

dd as lots of problems and can not eat much with out choking anf the bit of bread shehad today was first she as eaten by mouth at 4 pm ish, bt yesterday had nothing by mouth.

we would like the test but they wont until they know she as enough wheat gluten in her system for 3 months other wise have a false test, but in sept going for the tube down and up her bum to see if there's any damage d or scars due to the bleeding lots for a full week in every nappies

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mumbar · 14/08/2010 19:41

constipation can cause anal fissures which are cuts usually in the colon which can then bleed with aggravation everytime a stool is passed. Is it a lot of blood? I had a stool test about 12 yers ago which showed blood in the stool but no test picked up why. The camera up the bottom isn't meant to be painful but I found it very uncomfortable as gastro said its because my bowels are very sensitive. Will they sedate dd for you?

Hopefully you'll get some answers but I hope its good news trace2.

trace2 · 14/08/2010 20:06

sorry not good at getting writing it down, not been constipated since last week, the last lot of blood she was rushed to hospital spent a week there yes was lots for 5 day it was so bad they thought her bowel had burst but it had not that's why they thinking colitis and she had done this before, she is being put to sleep she only 3 years old

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trace2 · 14/08/2010 20:08

thank you for replying mumbar

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mumbar · 14/08/2010 20:13

no problem. I really sympathise with your dd as its not nice suffereing in this way. I'm glad she's being put to sleep.

I really hope you get some answers and the positive things is there are lots of medications now to treat these conditions and they are much better controlled then they were 10 years ago.

BTW I hope its not the bread as its lovely to hear that despite your dd problems with eating she is still trying - you must be really proud. Smile

trace2 · 14/08/2010 20:19

oh yes i am not very often she eats that's we hoping its not the bread!

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mumbar · 14/08/2010 20:25

Best of luck with the investigations. Wish you and dd all the best.

trace2 · 14/08/2010 20:37


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