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Allergies and intolerances

Does a baby HAVE to have eczema to be diagnosed with a milk intolerence?

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addictedtofrazzles · 30/07/2010 08:38

I ask because my 4 week DS2 is covered in baby acne (not eczema) and it is showing no signs of clearing but additionally he is really windy, vomits the contents of his stomach at least once a day (I think this is due to wind, not reflux), arches in pain, squeals after feeding and is REALLY congested/snuffly - so much so he can struggle to breathe.

I took him to the GP yesterday and she said he can't have an intolerence as he does not have eczema.

Could it be something else? Is there anyway I can help him, especially the congestion? Could it still be an intolerence? DS1 was not diagnosed with silent reflux till he was 12 weeks and I just don't want DS2 to suffer unnecessarily if I can help him!

Thank you

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HollyGoHeavily · 30/07/2010 08:54

I am not an expert by any means but my DD1 had a milk allergy and did not have eczema.

Her symptoms were a hives like rash when cows milk came into contact with her skin which we noticed when she had formula for the first time at 6 months. My GP referred me to an allergy consultant at the local hospital and the allergy was confirmed using skin prick tests.

In our case she outgrew it when she was 2 years old and now happily drinks cows milk with no problems at all.

I think you maybe need to see another doctor and ask for a referral.

kiwifab · 30/07/2010 15:15

The best thing to do is to find out for yourself with a Milk Allergy Home Test. You can then show the results to your doctor whether positive or negative and get help from a nutritionist.See website

addictedtofrazzles · 30/07/2010 16:16

Thank you for your replies.

Kiwifab - a great idea - thank you. Will the Milk Allergy test confirm an intolerence to dairy or only an allergy?

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belgo · 30/07/2010 16:18

An allergy test will be inaccurate on a baby this young. Allergy testing is not usually carried out until the immune system is fully developed.

babybarrister · 31/07/2010 07:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

simpson · 31/07/2010 13:06

My DD has severe intolerance to dairy and then developed an intolerance to soya after being put on wysoy so I would definately avoid soya.

DD does not really get eczema very often. She has horrific stinky poos, tummy ache & tiredness

If she ate too much dairy (her dad gave her full fat milk on her cereal a few mths ago and she vomited it everywhere.

Would 2nd trying an alternative to formula if you are not BF. DD is on neocate which is about #40 (sorry pound sign not working )per tin It really does not taste/smell very nice though...

addictedtofrazzles · 01/08/2010 18:55

Thanks so much for your replies - it is my suspicion that there is an allergy and I am frustrated with the GP for brushing it off because he does not have eczema. He is always grunting, sneezing, windy etc and has about 8 dirty nappies a day (not normal surely for a ff baby?) - they are very runny and bright yellow, with lots of curdled bits (sorry tmi!) - if you didn't know he was ff, you would assume he was bf.

Am happy to try another formula - how long until you think one would see a change in symptoms (my DS1 had Enfamil AR for silent reflux and drained an 8oz bottle immediately having only been able to take 2oz at a time with regular formula!)?

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simpson · 01/08/2010 19:17

DD went onto neocate at8mths and improved straight away.

Went from doing 6-8 poos a day or being v constipated to being relatively "normal" iyswim.

It is incredibly hard to get neocate from GPs because of the cost and normally its prescribed by a dietician. But you can buy it over the counter but as mentioned before its pricey

babybarrister · 01/08/2010 20:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

angel1976 · 02/08/2010 20:52

I am convinced now DS2 has CMP, see my thread here. He has the most beautiful soft white skin from birth. But he has been congested from birth with a streaming nose (I don't ever recall that stopping since birth!). I'm cutting out all diary from his diet to find out if it helps the mucus and cough. Will let you know how I get on.

eskimomama · 03/08/2010 14:17

your GP is a bit pedantic IMO...
I asked my DD's allergist about eczema last week, he said most allergic kids do have eczema but not necessarily, only blood and skin tests (together) are evidence of anything.

babybarrister · 03/08/2010 15:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

addictedtofrazzles · 03/08/2010 19:43

Thanks so much. We started him today on Enfamil O-Lac (it was what the chemist had at the time!) and already he seems calmer. Interestingly, his skin is less red and angry. Fingers crossed it is going to help. I have an appointment with a Paed next week so hopefully if there is an allergy, it will be resolved soon.

...I saw another GP yesterday to get the referral letter...she thought I was mad and making it all up (the same response as I had with DS1 who was later diagnosed with silent reflux by a specialist). She said that the best way to clear the stuffy nose (which he has had from birth and makes him choke on the bottle because he can't breathe) was to feed him in a bathroom with the hot taps on...yes, very practical help when you have a toddler and your baby feeds 6 times a day...and she said to stop feeding him so much so that he would stop being sick - umm, try explaining that to a 5 week old when they are screaming with hunger!

Sorry, rant over! And thanks once again for your advice

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addictedtofrazzles · 12/08/2010 08:38

Just to update - the specialist suspects a milk intolerance and silent reflux so ds is now on nutrimagen, ranitDine And gaviscon. 12 hours in and he settles in a bed (previously upright in a rocker!) and sleeps more soundly without a dummy. He is still congested though so will keo! Thank you all for your helpful and swift responses.

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