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Allergies and intolerances

help needed for allergy/intollerance? (long)

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De53 · 28/07/2010 20:22

My son is 14 months old and from he was 2 weeks old we have had a lot problems with food.

I BF him until 13 months and cut all that i thought he reacted to from my diet.
He has had a rast test and a skin prick test and both have come back clear but he still seems to react to the following:
dairy, eggs, oats, tuna, soya and I suspect gluten too.

If he eats any of the above he suffers with horrendous wind, his stomach becomes rock hard and he won't allow it to be touched, he screams constantly, has a rash on his face, gets sweats, his nose streams, he has never had a solid Bowel movement and often needs stripped completely and clothes binned.

I have no idea what to do now, he is on a daily antihistamine but I have nothing to give him if he reacts to a food.
I am running out of ideas- he is a very big baby so all everyone can see is a healthy big active baby.

any ideas?
thanks D

OP posts:
CoteDAzur · 28/07/2010 20:27

I don't think antihistamine is the answer here, because he doesn't seem to be allergic to these foods.

Wind, stomach problems, runny poo all point to digestion problems. His problems with food sound like intolerance, not allergies.

De53 · 28/07/2010 21:07

thanks, we are getting so little help and advice so far. The antihistamine started about two months ago and he has been a bit better since then.
We still wonder if it could be that his gut has got so inflamed everything annoys him and that if we could rectify the balance then things would improve and we could reintroduce fooods.
Its all just such a guessing game!
Thanks De

OP posts:
simpson · 28/07/2010 22:13

I feel your pain

he sounds soo like my DD now 2.5

She is severely intolerant to dairy, soya, oats and I also suapect barley and wheat/gluten

GP & dietican have both recently suggested coeliacs so am awaiting tests for that...

On a regular basis clothes are stripped off, bedding changed etc and a couple of days ago she pooed in bath

Cannot potty train her as I don't beleive she knows when she poos iyswim and her bum is sore most of the time too

Have you been referred to pead/dietician??

What milk does he drink in day?

simpson · 28/07/2010 22:14

reason I ask about the milk is some of the hypoallergenic formulas may still contain a small amount of milk protein I think.....

simpson · 28/07/2010 22:16

I have also been told that flaxseed oil is good for settling things down and making sure they get maximum nutrients from food they can tolerate iyswim

simpson · 28/07/2010 22:19

Sorry for all the posts (should preview ) as I keep thinking of other things...

DD's last dietician appt said to really cut down on fruit too which I know is not easy when diet is so restricted anyway.

But some fruit is very acidic obviously and goes straight through them. Except maybe bananas.

Having said that have been doing this with DD for 2 wks and its made no difference

De53 · 29/07/2010 10:16

thanks Simpson
your DD does sound very similar- its so hard not being able to help isn't it.

I have taken him off all milk as nothing worked and while he would drink neocate active it started excema on his face which now flares up any time he reacts. I have him on a calcium supplement instead and a little rice milk with rice krispies in the morning.

I had thought of coelics but the doctor thinks it unlikely as he is so healthy looking- although on the coelic website it says that at diagnosis some people are overweight! His consultant- who we never see said he eats a lot as he is always sore(he also has reflux).

I will try cutting down on fruit but he adores it and when he has such a rubbish bland diet its hard to think of taking anything else out of it!

what tests can be done to determine if it is coelics as I think this is our next move?

Thanks again and I really hope things start to improve for your DD

OP posts:
simpson · 29/07/2010 11:47

Did reacted to neocate active too and is now back on neocate LCP.

She was on a calcium supplement but reacted to that too

She has had a blood test (when she was 14mths) for coeliacs which came back normal but GP wants it done again although blood test is not that reliable in a child so young

They are talking about doing a gut biopsy to test for coeliacs which would involve a trip to hosp and being admitted for day surgery.

Have looked on coeliac website and there are so many people that had loads of intolerances as a child and tested negative for coeliacs but then tested positive in their 30s and damage done internally

Does your DS have the calcium supplement in a syrup??? You could stop that for a couple of days and see if there is any improvement.

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