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Allergies and intolerances


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mumbar · 17/07/2010 19:27

Can you be allergic to apples or anyone have experience of skin reaction to apples??

Ds had 2 earlier and now skin around his mouth is very red and sore.

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greenbananas · 17/07/2010 19:50

The wax on apple skins often has milk protein in it. My DS loves to eat chunks of cooked apple but throws up quite spectacularly if he encounters even the tiniest bit of skin. For some reason it seems worse with Granny Smiths.

bridewolf · 20/07/2010 13:32

apple is one of the most common fruit allergies, does your child have tree pollen allergies?

look up OAS, which would still irritate the skin around the mouth.

never heard of milk products being in the wax on fruit.....but somehow am not surprised, its in a brand of washing up liquid after all........

mumbar · 27/07/2010 20:15

he has hayfever and has had quite severe reactions when outside this year so perhaps it is linked to this.

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misdee · 27/07/2010 20:18

dd2 is allergic to apples. its link to tree pollens.

parched · 27/07/2010 20:35

My brother is allergic to non-segmented fruit if it is uncooked. Apples and bananas are particularly bad. It is linked to a Latex allergy. He's OK with segmented fruit (citrus fruits, raspberries, pineapples) and non-segmented fruit once they've been cooked. He does also suffer with hayfever but the two aren't related.

morejuiceplease · 27/07/2010 20:38

My dd has the same reaction to apples, the doctor diagnosed impetigo and it took us weeks of useless impetigo creams to work out what was causing it.

It's really annoying as she loves apple juice, but pineapple juice seems to be ok.

mumbar · 27/07/2010 21:15

ds eats a lot of raw pepper and apples and constantly ets a sore on his cheek in the same place which does look like impetigo.

I looked up oral allergy syndrome a suggested and it very much make sense as ds often complains the roof of his mouth is tingly and when hes outside and reacts he hols his throat and complains his neck hurts.

The original tests he had from allergic reaction was for tomato and peanut which came back negative so its been derived as a ketchup allergy. Looking at OAS tomato apple and peppers are all on there as triggers related to tree pollen.

Thanks for all the advice I sometimes feel I'm goin mad and people think I'm making it up as some days he's fine and others not iyswim. Think maybe a trip back to the p is needed?

OP posts:
Schulte · 27/07/2010 21:23

I am allergic to some apples. It's a cross allergy connected to hayfever and nuts, if I remember correctly. So yes it's possible.

mumbar · 27/07/2010 21:28

he's difinatly not alleric to peanuts or tomato and hayfever is gp diagnosed not allerist - does this mean getting oas diagnosis would be difficult and what would be the outcome??

OP posts:
greenbananas · 27/07/2010 21:57

I spoke to our 'allergy paediatrician' about this on the phone the other day, while booking an appointment. I told her what I had found out about the wax on apple skins sometimes containing milk protein, and she said that actually it was much more likely to be a cross reaction with birch pollen. The skins are more of a problem, and cooked apple is more likely to be tolerated (this is certainly true in my DS's case).

Not sure what to make of this yet as I wasn't aware DS reacted to birch pollen - am just passing it on for what it is worth. DS doesn't have any signs of hayfever. He does react to tomatoes, peppers, bananas and plums (amongst other things). I'll ask more about this at DS's appointment in August.

mumbar · 27/07/2010 22:02

should I perhaps ring the cons pead then and discuss it with her???

don't really want ds 'labelled' but OTOH it would be good to be able to say what he does have iyswim. At the minute I look like an over protective mother giving a perfectly healthy child antihistimines cos his mouth tingles or neck feels sore.


wow got that off my chest

OP posts:
greenbananas · 27/07/2010 22:29

yes, yes, ring and discuss! You should have peace of mind about this.

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