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Alcohol support

What tactics are you using to overcome triggers?

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40andlovelife · 04/10/2023 07:00

My triggers are Friday and Saturday nights after a long hard week at work. I don't know what I'm going to do Friday but Saturday I think I'm going to plan food and cinema at night with husband and 10 year old.


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mindutopia · 04/10/2023 09:48

Do something you can't drink at. When I first stopped drinking, I'd do things like book a yoga class or a sound bath for a Friday evening. I'd leave dh and the kids at home and go to my 7pm class and by the time I was finished and home it was 9:30pm and I was ready to go to bed. Or like you said, drive to the cinema, or I took my eldest out to dinner in a city about 40 minutes drive from us. The drive meant I couldn't drink and it gave me something to do.

If at home, I'd have an alcohol free drink (AF beer or I'd make something fancy with tonic and nice garnishes) and listen to a sobriety podcast while I tidied or made dinner. It gave me something to do and something to think about that kept my brain busy.

40andlovelife · 05/10/2023 07:25

Excellent advice. Do you recommend any sobriety podcasts?

OP posts:
Steppered · 07/10/2023 11:37

I can!

Sober Awkward
One for the road
Sober Powered
Sassy sober mum
This naked mind

I also like Mel Robbins as she has lots of interesting guests and things that probably complement sobriety. Good luck x

annabelnw9 · 07/10/2023 15:29

Three things -
(I) Read Allen Carr Stop Drinking Now. Keep it with you and refer back to it whenever you need to/when you feel there may be a trigger coming. (ii) At the same time, refer to your list of all the terrible things alcohol did to you. (iii) And, switch your mind to a lovely AF drink that you keep in the fridge. Enjoy it, savour it, have it with chocolate. And while you are doing that, look forward to the following morning when you know for certain that you will be waking up feeling good, and feeling healthy.

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