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Peaches2k21 · 28/08/2023 13:08

Hey guys I'm a new mum and I went clubbing/drinking for the first time since being pregnant my little ones almost 2 months so after I got home from my night out (3 days ago) I've had such a sharp shooting pain and my god it kills its all on my right side in my shoulder and ribcage it hurts when I breathe and move my dad thinks it could be a kidney infection but idk could it just be I've given my liver a kick in from not drinking for almost a year

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Peaches2k21 · 28/08/2023 13:08


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Redlarge · 28/08/2023 13:10

Could you have pulled a muscle

2023forme · 28/08/2023 13:35

I’m not a doctor but if it was 3 days ago and unless you drank an incredible amount (say a litre of gin) it is unlikely to be liver damage/pain. People have died after drinking big amounts but they would be in severe trouble by day 3 - really ill, confused, signs of organ failure etc. more likely to be something else - if you were drunk, is it possible you’ve banged against something and not been aware of it?

try painkillers, rest, lots of water and if you think you may have bumped against something, try ice pack. If it’s not getting any better soon, you may need to see a doctor.

Sillymummies123 · 29/08/2023 13:07

Medic here. I'm not going to dispense advice to you here but from the brief information provided, my list of causes is broad and acute liver failure is nowhere near the top.

If you're concerned go to A and E, if concerned but not that concerned get an emergency appointment with GP.

Peaches2k21 · 11/09/2023 20:43

Thank you all turns out it was trapped wind in my shoulder 🤦🏻‍♀️

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