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Alcohol support

Help to quit

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ilovemydog123 · 13/04/2023 17:57

I'm on day 2 of no alcohol I'm trying my best
I can drink a bottle of wine and 2 cans of lager easy or just a bottle of wine a night i feel so shitty. Next day and it doesn't stop me wanting some more
My skin is so dry and tight and red
I'm sure people are nothing when I go to work

OP posts:
141mum · 13/04/2023 18:04

Well done on quitting, do everything different of an evening that u used to do, also take a selfie today then again every week and u will see a huge difference

ilovemydog123 · 13/04/2023 18:06

Didn't think of that thank you
I'm trying to stick to it this time
It worried me when I got blood shot eyes that it wasn't right

OP posts:
brightspice · 14/04/2023 11:33

Decide it's possible for you to quit. That has completely different energy to it than if you are trying to do it. Just decide you're doing it. You're all in. It's happened.

As you're on day 2, you have one day and lots of learnings under your belt. How did you find it yesterday? How did you feel? Did you have cravings? When? How did they feel?

So now you can probably expect the same for tonight. The same cravings at the same-ish time (because cravings are part of the habit, they're things you've taught yourself to do). How are you planning to handle the cravings tonight when they come? Make a mini plan then assess it afterwards.

Making changes bit by bit and learning from yourself will get you fast results.

bellalou1234 · 14/04/2023 11:51

It's so easy to slip into the daily cycle of drinking each day. I've been there and am trying to cut back but tbh it's hard and I thinking quitting is the answer. Like you I've gone into work bleary eyed and am convinced people know.

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