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Is it time to just quit?

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Onslow1964 · 27/02/2023 13:10

Hi, just wondered if it’s time to quit as I’m on my third day of anxiety after a friends wedding this weekend. I was a bridesmaid and wasn’t feeling as drunk as everyone else so stupidly played catch up - knowing fine well, I’m a bigger lightweight than all of my friends!! It ended with my being sick (discreetly - know one knew as was in the toilet and no one around) and telling my husband I’d like to go home as a result. It was 10pm (it was a long day so thought it was much later and wedding finished at 12am - we had been up since 5am) and he was all ready to call my Mum to collect us early. My friend and fellow bridesmaid who knows me inside out and has seen me in in some states before (maybe not the discreet vomiting) suggested to me that I seemed fine and nothing water couldn’t fix and I agreed. It actually gave me a second wind and I was up dancing & enjoying myself until the last song. I’m so pleased I didn’t leave my friends wedding early being bridesmaid but my husband was annoyed at my friend for trying to intervene and they ended up biting each others heads off. Now I feel massively guilty that I’ve caused tension between two of the people I love the most because & it was over me being in a state!
everyone tells me how much they love me and that I’m the life and soul of every party as all I want to do is dance all night long and act happy but the anxiety that comes with the aftermath I’m not sure is worth it all. Then I don’t want my husband feeling on edge at a wedding in case I get too drunk as it’s not fair on him. What you guys think? Am I overthinking it or time to leave it?
I only ever drink at occasions, so total binge drinker and weddings are obviously long days! And I’ve been dealing with a lot suffering from 4 miscarriages over the last few years so when I go out I like to think F it & let loose. Not making excuses, I’ve previously suffered with depression and anxiety and obviously alcohol doesn’t help!

OP posts:
OnAPostItNote · 28/02/2023 21:55

Just try and limit yourself. If u can do this bravo! If you’re not a regulator drinker you should be able to do this.

Tedjewell · 12/03/2023 19:33

Yes, its time to quit.

DustyLee123 · 13/03/2023 06:43

You need to restrict what you drink in these situations, if you can’t, you need to not drink. It’s not worth feeling so bad after.

brightspice · 15/03/2023 14:14

Only you can answer the question you pose but here's what I'll offer:

Do you like the results you're getting in your life?

If yes, then that suggests one path.

If not, then that suggests another.

And whatever you decide I always advise that you like your reasons (ie doing something because someone else tells us that's what we 'should' do but where you're not fully bought in will likely have you running out of steam).

Happy to answer questions.

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