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Alcohol support

Think of small steps or big picture???

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tactum · 25/02/2023 08:47

I'm very nearly 2 months sober - prompted by a liver related hospital admission and ongoing investigations - about to have ct scan etc to assess liver damage etc. So I have been in a bad way, very poorly and abusing my body for a number of years. Clearly all the Drs have said their advice is that I don't drink again.

I've found the last 2 months pretty easy to be fair - feeling like crap for weeks helped, as did the scare that I might be about to die or have cancer. I'm feeling much better now - still fairly tired - but out and about and doing quite a lot of normal things. On a day to day basis I don't come anywhere close to even contemplating having a drink.

I'm also being referred to alcohol support services.

My problem is I don't know how to 'frame' my life in my head - shall I just think 'I won't drink today' and take each day like that, or should I be at the point now where I am acknowledging the fact I shouldn't/won't be drinking again - even if another drink won't kill me it's clear I am damaging myself and abstanence would be best. If I think about my daughter getting married, Christmas, a summer bbq party etc, all of those events would involve a drink. Do I have to have a fundamental shift in my head, or is it still ok to be pootling along with the 'not today' thought?

Just looking for advice really on how others have dealt with the transition from short to long term and getting their head in the right space to do so.

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Oldhabitsarehardtobreak · 25/02/2023 08:58

congratulations on 2 months AF.

I think in the early days it was one day at a time, I was then slightly looking ahead to think ‘I’m not going to drink at Christmas’. Once passed this event it was a bit of self congratulations and, by the following Christmas, alcohol never even entered my head.

I know it seems unlikely now, because you are probably thinking about alcohol daily, but there will come a point when you will think “I haven’t thought about a drink for 2/3/10 days”. Honestly, alcohol rarely enters my head now, even if DH is having a drink.

just over 2 years sober and I do occasionally think to myself that I will never have another drink as long as I live but I really have made peace with that and it’s actually a good feeling. For now, just take it one day at a time, you’re doing brilliantly.

OnAPostItNote · 25/02/2023 10:15

@tactum Well done you! I would take one day at a time for now. You know in your head the drink is poison to your body so why would you want to drink a a celebratory event (says me, I’m only 6 days in)!!!!! Anyway I’m trying to find a new focus and tbh I was able to get up a a civilised hour today. Have done loads of jobs and heading into town for a boozy lunch with friends and I will have to abstain (see my earlier post). Good luck anyhow and I hope you continue to recover. You have done so well.

HoldingMyselfAccountable · 01/03/2023 11:45

Watching with interest

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