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Alcohol support

I didn't have a drink last night

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GoEasySqueezy · 18/01/2023 08:19

I've done this before. I easily drink a bottle of wine a night, sometimes more. I vow to give up, feel the benefits, then the habit gradually creeps back again.

So I am going to write down how I feel, so I can reflect back when temptation strikes.

I only slept 6 hours, but for the first time in a long time I didn't wake in the night. I think I've read alcohol knocks you out for 5 hours and that's roughly the time I usually wake.

I have put make up on, and packed my lunch. I'm not rushing round, feeling like hell, because I stayed in bed too long.

I am driving to work, because I'm not worried that there might still be alcohol in my system.

I'm not worried that I might still smell of last nights alcohol.

I feel focused and looking forward to the day ahead.

I'm thinking about treating myself to a lovely soft drink later.

I am looking forward to doing this all again tomorrow Smile

Would anyone like to join me?

OP posts:
Labrador888 · 18/01/2023 08:23

Hi all does anyone have a similar problem 2 me. I binge drink then do hair of the dog next day which can last a week

lmnabc · 18/01/2023 19:32

I've done 5 nights of no alcohol (first time in 4 years) but fell off the wagon tonight as there was half a bottle still on the fridge door and i succumbed.

It tasted delicious and hit all the right spots but I hate myself for it and know I'll sleep badly and feel rubbish in the morning. The last 5 nights I've slept so deeply that it's been wonderful.

I know I've lost the battle but not the war. Tomorrow I'm determined to do better. My downfall is coming into an empty house alone after a stressful day plus a life long struggle with well concealed depression. Alcohol takes the edge off life.

SparklyThrow · 19/01/2023 07:38

@Imnabc I have just started reading Annie Grace the alcohol experiment, which explores our perceived benefits of alcohol.

I always find an excuse to drink. I've had a crap day at work, I've had a good day at work, I'm tired, I'm not tired, it's the weekend, let's celebrate, I can't socialise without.

Also exploring the concept that alcohol is relaxing, which is then stopping me from finding other ways to relax, so I guess the tension is still then just masked by the alcohol.

I didn't have a drink again last night.

I feel good, although I didn't sleep as well, I can stay in bed a bit longer as I will drive to work.

I'm looking forward to a productive day, and perhaps an early night tonight, AF.

GoEasySqueezy · 20/01/2023 08:12

I'm finding this easier than I thought. Given how much I was drinking, I haven't really had any physical withdrawal symptoms.

A glass of wine fleetingly crossed my mind, as I drove home last night. It's just an automatic, subconscious response to the end of the day.

I didn't drink last night, and feel very positive about that. The wine rack is full, but I just didn't want to.

I've already noticed my skin is feeling less dry. Maybe it's because I'm remembering to put moisturiser on at night. Or maybe I'm just not permanently dehydrated.

In Alcohol Explained, the author says it takes 5 days to detox the body of alcohol, so I'm nearly there. Then it's the just the mental anguish to deal with Grin

OP posts:
Lau8877 · 21/01/2023 01:37

Amazing, well done. I hope I can say this soon x

Mydogatemypurse · 21/01/2023 01:52

Good luck x

GoEasySqueezy · 21/01/2023 08:04

@Labrador888 @Mydogatemypurse thank you Smile

So I got over the hurdle of Friday Night, no work tomorrow.

The little voice in my head was pleading, demanding a glass of wine. Just one. But I stood firm and so no. It's never just one.

I did a relaxation instead. I found headspace on Netflix and it can be customised to what you need. I could feel the relaxation that I normally get from that first glass. Except I now accept that it is a false sense of relaxation from wine - it is just pressing pause, and once the alcohol wears off the stress is still there, only it's now morning and I'd have a hang over to boot.

The relaxation really helped and I then had a lovely evening watching TV, without the nagging sensation that I need alcohol.

I slept well, almost 10 hours which is unbelievable for me. And I can now look forward to a productive weekend cleaning the house and preparing healthy food for the week ahead.

OP posts:
GoEasySqueezy · 22/01/2023 09:43

AF Saturday night, I'm impressed with myself. The craving started about 4pm, which is when I would normally open a bottle at the weekend. It lasted for a few hours, but finally accepted at about 8pm that no booze was forthcoming.

The craving isn't me. It's a separate entity. I. Trying not to give this uninvited thing headspace. But it is so persistent.

I slept like a log last night. I'm obviously catching up on the sleep that I have been depriving myself of for so long. The only thing is I am so thirsty. I remember this from previous attempts to quit, and it does subside. Something to do with my body trying to achieve homeostasis I think?

And I've lost 3lb. I'm trying not to put pressure on to lose the weight as well, just focusing on eating mindfully and nourishing my depleted body let's not mention the hula hoops But this is a nice bonus.

Now Sunday night to get through. I will not drink today.

OP posts:
FrenchandSaunders · 22/01/2023 09:49

Well done OP that’s fantastic, keep it up 🎉

GoEasySqueezy · 23/01/2023 08:37

So, 6 days in. I slept well last night, but had some crazy dreams. Normal, I've read.

I know that excessive drinking is bad, but the more I read, the more I think that I need to stop completely. I've tried moderation and I just can't seem to do it. It starts with one glass and just gradually creeps up.

The thing is, the thought of never drinking again makes me feel so sad. I associate drinking alcohol with just about everything. The end of the working day, the weekend, socialising, holidays and days out.

I have read enough threads on here to know that I am not the only one who has a problem with alcohol. But in my family and friends I seem to be the only one. I'm not sure I can pinpoint where this addictive behaviour came from.

Anyway, I am off work for a week so plan to keep myself very busy, but also to keep going with the meditation and self reflection.

OP posts:
GoEasySqueezy · 24/01/2023 08:43

I'm a week in! I think this is the longest AF stretch I've had in about 20 years, I'm embarrassed to admit. Still, hardly anyone seems to be reading this so that's okay Grin

I have read the alcohol experiment all the way through. You're supposed to read it one day at a time, so I am going back to the beginning and reading it as I continue.

At the end the book talks about moderation, and I have been giving this a lot of thought. For now, my goal is 30 days, which takes me to mid February. Then I will reassess.

I feel good, not great yet, but positive. Week days are easy, even if dh is next to me slurping a glass of red. I'm eating really well, and now need to start thinking about some gentle exercise. I am going to buy a yoga mat today and look on YouTube for some inspiration.

According to the app I've saved £64, 4074 calories and 60 units. In a week!

OP posts:
mrsharrisgoestoparis · 24/01/2023 08:45

Buy the unexpected joy of being sober i have never had a drink after reading it and I was drinking 3 bottles 4 nights a week and thought I was going to die

Fooshufflewickjbannanapants · 24/01/2023 08:47

Bloody well done!!

FrenchandSaunders · 24/01/2023 08:48

Well done OP, can’t be easy if your DH is drinking.

Tellmeagain · 24/01/2023 08:49

Wow, well done to you. If you are struggling, looking back on what you've written about how you feel each day that you don't have a drink could be so helpful. Sending moral support to you.

Candleabra · 24/01/2023 08:52

Well done.
With regards to never drinking again - just don’t think about it. Even a goal of 30 days can seem overwhelming sometimes.
Just take it a day at a time. Today I will not drink. You’re doing brilliantly.

GoEasySqueezy · 24/01/2023 10:54

Wow, thanks everyone.

I have found my weak point is late afternoon, when I'd normally have a drink before dinner. Once I've had dinner it seems to calm down, so suspect coming home hungry from work wasn't helping.

Dh will drink approx 125ml of wine and make it last all evening. And then not have another. I hate him.

I have read a sample of the unexpected joy, so will download the book today.

Onwards and upwardsSmile

OP posts:
GoEasySqueezy · 25/01/2023 08:02

I barely thought about drinking last night. I'm not going to get complacent, but I think that's a good sign. I'm starting to feel like a normal person, a functioning person. Not someone who is obliterating half their life. I'm facing what's making me unhappy, bored, stressed and dealing with it, sort of.

My body feels weak and tired. I've had a hang over for so long now, I haven't been aware of how I really feel. Im so used to feeling like crap and putting it down to the alcohol. I now need to work on eating well and strengthening my body.

Emotionally tough day ahead, however I will not drink today Smile

OP posts:
Candleabra · 25/01/2023 08:06

That’s brilliant news. Well done.

HowCanIPayItForward · 25/01/2023 08:14

Well done OP!

BarrelOfOtters · 25/01/2023 08:14

I’ve cut out weeknight drinking, the 1/2 a bottle with dinner and in front of the telly. I have more time, sleeping better,less annoyed by everything. I’d like to lose some weight and get some oomph back. Reading your story helps. Thank you.

GoEasySqueezy · 25/01/2023 08:31

<<twirls>> thank you everyone. I know this thread has become rather self indulgent, but I do appreciate the comments.

OP posts:
lupinlass · 25/01/2023 17:48

Good for you op. I'm 24 days in and have to say, feel like shit! Soo tired all the time. I was also very thirsty to start with. Weird...
I'm hoping to come out the other side soon though. I never thought I would feel so rough for so long but I've also cut out fizzy drinks and a lot of sugar so maybe that has something to do with it too.
I too find it difficult to look too far ahead. One day at a time Smile

GoEasySqueezy · 25/01/2023 21:07

@lupinlass 24 days is impressive. I did expect to feel better sooner. I guess it just takes time, and has made me really think about what the alcohol has been doing to my body.

OP posts:
halfgirlhalfturnip · 25/01/2023 21:19

Just wanted to say your thread is lovely and to recommend yoga by adriene on YouTube!

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