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Alcohol support

New poster - day 2. Side effects

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findmybalance · 14/01/2023 17:06

Hi all

I've been a lurker in MN for a long time and watched your threads and finally got the courage to do this.

I've been a 'problem' drinker for a long time, I hold down a great job and function fine, I can moderate my drinking in social occasions, but behind closed doors is where it all seems to go wrong. At my worst I was putting away 3 gin bottles a week. It started out to medicate anxiety with a situation which is no longer affecting me and became a habit. I want to quit for my physical and mental health as I am fully aware of how harmful this was.

I have decided to go completely sober for a number of months and then reassess.

I wanted to ask those of you who were experienced about side effects. Because I'm so determined to do this I haven't had any cravings yet, but I have had a really upset stomach and I'm tired, all the time! Is this normal?

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TooManyPlatesInMotion · 15/01/2023 12:12

Hi - well done on making the decision. I last had a drink on 1 Jan and was totally exhausted for the first week and had headaches, but both have cleared now. It is pretty normal I think.

There is a group of us on the 1 Day Sober thread who are all in the early days. Feel free to join us if you fancy it.

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