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Alcohol support

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Mrspoopoohead · 12/01/2023 09:38

My DH is approaching 50 and has been a drinker most of his life. I know it’s a progressive illness and he drank more during lockdown. I believe he’s probably now drinking approximately 20 units a day. He drinks every day and is starting to have some health issues such as borderline type 2 diabetes, some muscle wasting in his leg along with some loss of feeling/potential nerve damage.

I am thinking about my options as we do have DC and just wondered whether anyone can give me any insight on how any damage from his drinking may present itself. From what he tells me his blood tests say his liver is fine but I suspect he’s not being fully truthful. I just want to be better prepared so I can be there for my DC. Thank you

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2023forme · 12/01/2023 20:47

@Mrspoopoohead sorry this is happening to you. Nerve damage and muscle wasting sound like they are likely due to his alcohol abuse. A persons liver function (blood tests) can be fairly normal even in a heavy drinker so that could be true. I’m a binge drinker rather than everyday but it’s bad and being going on for years - I had liver blood tests done about a week after drinking 3 bottles of vodka over 4 days and they were normal.

he will only get outward/visible organ failure signs once it is at an advanced stage eg jaundice, bleeding etc.

it varies massively from person to person depending on body characteristics, genetics etc. but if he’s started getting neurological symptoms as you’ve described, I’m afraid I suspect his body is really getting damaged.

impossible to say for sure what will happen if he keeps drinking. Possible distended abdomen, jaundice, tremor etc. does he acknowledge he has a problem? Is he willing to at least cut down significantly? Do you have any real life support? It’s a horrible condition- I’m the drinker in our family and luckily I see to have escaped serious harm but who knows what damage I have that I can’t see. Good luck 💐

Mrspoopoohead · 13/01/2023 09:37

Thanks for your reply I do have real life support and he does know it’s a problem I think as has said that he will cut down from this month, however that is yet to materialise. I’m just worried it’s affecting my DC mental health. He is having tests such as MRI scans to understand what may be causing the nerve issues as they’re unsure so I suspect they’re not fully aware of his alcoholism. I am going to try and go with him to his next consultant visit so I can say something.

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