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Alcohol support

Accountability thread

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Sunshineesther · 31/12/2022 10:07

Please forgive my self centeredness.
This will be the dullest thread ever but I think it may be useful for me to check in every now and again as I really want to do Dry January and beyond ( starting on 3/1!)and I don't have anyone in real life I want to bore/worry/share the difficulty of avoiding drinking too much with.
I will visit the other threads regularly for inspiration.
I am trying to make January a time when I gain something rather than give up something, concentrating on self care rather than trying to blur emotions.
Week one - trying to create a sensible bedtime routine - without alcohol and my ever present phone.

OP posts:
StillDancingEvenOnTheRainyDays · 31/12/2022 21:43

Hey, I’ll join you. I’m just a tiny bit ahead, 20 nights sober tonight

things that have helped me are routine, keeping busy - this has been easy over Christmas which has me worried about the next few weeks
writing, listening to apps and pods casts and learning grounding techniques

happy to chat

Sunshineesther · 31/12/2022 22:48

You are very welcome
Well done on almost 3 weeks, especially over Xmas
I absolutely understand about keeping busy
I am sure I drink because of boredom a lot of the time
I've heard good things about journalling - is that what you mean when you say writing?
It's worrying that I can't even start until I get home from relatives - at the moment I can't imagine an evening without " blurring the edges"

OP posts:
StillDancingEvenOnTheRainyDays · 31/12/2022 23:15

It’s such a personal choice isn’t it.

im not at a journaling point just yet but I am writing me memos and a lot of ideas for moving forward

Sunshineesther · 03/01/2023 19:04

Ok so I have officially started.
I am looking into meditation apps and have started to read a book on self care.
It's a dreadful realisation that I don't actually know what it means - my treat was wine....
Day one done

OP posts:
Sunshineesther · 09/01/2023 13:06

On day seven, concentrating on preserving my sobriety even if it means more rest/ TV/self-care
All good so far
Definitely had cravings but they do pass.
Hope everyone is doing ok

OP posts:
Sunshineesther · 21/01/2023 11:44

Failed miserably
3 nights drinking
I'd managed 14 days
Back on track now

OP posts:
FlightDeckBuckarooo · 22/01/2023 18:19

Well done for getting back on track. its not always easy to do that after a blip so you’re doing well.

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