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Alcohol support

Alan Carr - Easy way for women to stop drinking

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Polestar50 · 24/08/2022 07:10

I am looking for a book to help with motivation and wondered if anyone here has opinions on the difference between Alan Carr's Easy Way to Control Alcohol and his Easy Way book specifically for women?

All other recommendations? I've read quite a lot of reviews of books on Amazon and definitely into more straightforward, science-based books rather than emotional diary/life journey type accounts.

Many thanks!

OP posts:
Polestar50 · 24/08/2022 07:16

That's meant to read 'Any other recommendations?'
Sounds a bit demanding otherwise!

OP posts:
lovelilies · 24/08/2022 07:20

Sorry no help with the alcohol, but I read the easyway and stopped smoking 3.5 years ago. It worked where nothing else did!
Good luck.

yoshiblue · 24/08/2022 07:39

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober - Catherine Gray
The Naked Mind - Annie Grace
The Sober Diaries - Claire Pooley

FlowerArranger · 24/08/2022 07:45

Alcohol Explained by William Porter.

He also has lots of YouTube talks.

Pandorapitstop · 24/08/2022 08:15

I can only vouch for the easy way stop smoking book. I stopped 18 years ago after smoking for 25 years. Wish you well.

Battlecat98 · 24/08/2022 16:22

I liked the easy way for women but, found Craig Beck was what really cracked it for me. Loads of suggestions on this thread. To be honest I have read all of the mentioned books and more. It really helped me in the early days.
I am now nearly 8 months sober and feel amazing. Good luck.

justwanttorelax · 24/08/2022 23:15

Jason Vale
Kick the drink...easily!

BeggyMitchell · 25/08/2022 20:47

Annie Grace's 30 day experiment for me. Just over 2 years now, happy & content to be alcohol-free.

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