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Alcohol support

Advice re getting hospital to add me as a registered contact (alcoholic mum)

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Loueytb3 · 02/08/2022 10:52

Not sure if anyone has any suggestions but thought I would post here first and see. DMum is an alcoholic with advanced cirrhosis. She’s had 3 hospital admissions in the last year for various things (including a scary bleed). Last admission they did a CT scan and found some “focal masses” in her liver. They called her back in for an MRI scan which happened last week. We are waiting for the results. However, she is in total denial about all of this and is now refusing to go anywhere near a hospital again. I am named on her GP records as having permission for the Dr to speak to me but each time she has been admitted I have to go through the process of getting her to agree to let me speak to the Dr. Is there any way I can request that the hospital contact me when they contact her about the results? Her last interaction with the consultant was that she put the phone down on them. I only found this out because I saw the letter the consultant wrote subsequently. I am worried that she will ignore phone calls/letters and I will be none the wiser. If we manage to get her to go back for the results I want to go with her as her memory is totally shot and my step-dad does not take in anything medical at all.

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