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Alcohol support

Alcoholic ex and contact with children

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tiredmum81 · 01/07/2022 22:16

I am really struggling with the contact my ex has with our two dc (7 and 10). We have been separated for several years, his alcoholism has gotten worse and has seriously impacted his health. All through this, he has lived with his parents and they have facilitated his contact with the dc. He is now having seizures (related to alcohol abuse) and the dc have seen it happen a few times and have been very upset. At the moment they see their Dad two days a week, but I'm considering reducing this, because I'm worried about what they see when they're round there. I don't know if that's fair, or how to handle all this, I'm just terrified of the impact his addiction is having on them, and I'm terrified by the horrendous direction things are going in. My ex has had a lot of support and intervention for his addiction, but nothing seems to help. He is literally falling apart in front of his family, and it feels like all we can do is watch. How do I handle contact with dc in this situation, and how do I support them? I don't currently have contact with my ex, but I have a good relationship with his parents.

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KangarooKenny · 02/07/2022 07:28

I think you should get the school nurse involved as what is happening on that contact is not fair on the kids. It’s traumatic I’m sure, and I’ve no doubt there will be fall out for them in the future.

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