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Alcohol support

Alcohol rehab

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1Wanda1 · 12/05/2022 16:13

Can anyone tell me a bit about alcohol rehab? A much-loved family member has been an alcoholic for many years. Until recently, she was in total denial about it, hid the bottles etc. She admitted she has "a bit of a problem" a few months ago but then regressed back to denying it. She is currently in hospital after coughing/vomiting up a lot of blood a few days ago and we are looking into rehab options. She still doesn't really accept that her drinking is what has caused her medical condition.

She was given 2 blood transfusions within 48 hours of admission so the bleeding must have been very bad.

Her husband doesn't know much about her diagnosis/prognosis as hasn't been able to speak to a doctor, despite asking. And his wife is obviously not telling him whatever doctors have said to her.

I love this lady very much and want to support her and the family. I think she will be resistant to rehab - and it's a big financial commitment - but it seems to me that if she doesn't try something then she will be dead soon.

Please can anyone who's been through rehab share their experience of what it's like, what an average day involves, etc? If you were very anti it before going but then found it to be helpful, I'd also be interested to know at what point in the process that happened for you, what was the eye-opener.

We are looking at a 28 day residential programme.

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1Wanda1 · 12/05/2022 23:02


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