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Skin after giving up alcohol and other benefits

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Mamabear12 · 18/10/2021 14:02

Hi All, just curious on those who stopped drinking, what improvements have you noticed on your skin? How long until you saw improvements?

What other benefits have you noticed in the days/weeks since you gave up? How long until you get better sleep?

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Touty · 19/10/2021 00:44

My skin has massively improved, don't need to wear much makeup now

somethingischasingme · 19/10/2021 08:44

Better sleep immediately because I wasn't waking up with 'the fear! ' and also now- 4 weeks on- I am tireder (if that makes sense?) so fall asleep more quickly. Skin good but the improvement is also the bags around my eyes reduced and dyes look clearer. Well done! Keep going.x

somethingischasingme · 19/10/2021 08:44

Eyes even!

Mamabear12 · 19/10/2021 14:34

I find it more difficult to get to sleep when I do not drink..but I want to take a break from drinking for a while, as I felt it was getting too often and going from one glass 3-4 times a week to two glasses 4-5 nights a week. Plus, it started making me feel worse, probably because of the frequency, but my body cant handle it, skin on face feels ithchy and red. I know when I stop a few weeks skin always improve, but I like to hear about other experiences :) It also just feels like SNAIL pace. Would be so much better if you would notice improvements straight away...but nope...having crappy sleep, still bad skin etc does not help....but I know it will improve with time.

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NaToth · 21/10/2021 09:02

It's taken seven weeks for me to see an improvement in sleep and skin. I was beginning to think it was a myth.

SamPoodle123 · 21/10/2021 22:11

Yea, it seems like it is so slow...slowly but surely there is an improvement.

Amdone123 · 30/10/2021 08:34

I experience benefits straight away !
Better sleep, skin glows, eyes bright. I have more energy, I'm happier, the house is spotless. My diet improves, my bank balance is healthier. I only smoke when drinking so my lungs benefit !

It's a no brainer for me that I'm a better person without alcohol, but of course I crave it / miss it so the cycle starts again.

Namechangedforthethousandthtim · 31/10/2021 09:00

I have only quit for three weeks! And I've noticed the following differences:

My skin looks much younger
My face isn't bloated
I've lost lines and dark circles under my eyes
My colleague told me the other day that I looked about 10 years younger
I've dropped a dress size
My daily mood has improved hugely. I feel much more positive and energetic
I just FEEL healthier

And it's only been three weeks!

easterdaffsx · 24/11/2021 23:08

I stopped drinking 24 days ago after at least a bottle a night for possibly 15-20 years .
First few nights I was a bit unsettled but since then OMG my sleep quality has improved so much.
If I do wake up I am relaxed and having nice thoughts as oppose to my mind racing with work worries .
Also as a way of coping I'm in bed around 9 to watch a bit of tv ( and I stay awake for it ! ) and have a cup of chai tea , so sleeping for longer too .
Suddenly I have time .
Time to do things which I can look forward to without the need for alcohol .
My skin is the best it's been in 20 years .
My eczema and redness I noticed just vanished after about 2 or more weeks .
My eyes are clear .
I'm more present for my daughter .
I've not been argumentative and my relationships all around have improved .
It's a no brainier for me although I'm not planing on staying AF
I'm doing to 30 day Annie grace AE amd for me it's been a life changer .
I know I will now have a different relationship with alcohol and can recommend it to anyone .

Mamabear12 · 29/11/2021 13:32

How do you plan on drinking after the 30 days? Do you think the eczema and redness will come back?

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