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Alcohol support

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Allygoggle · 21/09/2021 15:42

Does anyone know if it’s normal to feel hungover weeks/months after quitting, ive read up loads and most say 2 weeks tops, it’s so disheartening to never feel well or better despite everyone saying you will, make me reluctant to carry on giving up!

OP posts:
FlibbertyGiblets · 21/09/2021 16:04

Time to consult your GP. Never feeling well needs checking out.

Adm1010 · 21/09/2021 18:48

Are you eating well ? Long term alcohol use can deplete thiamine ( vitamin B1)

NaToth · 22/09/2021 09:36

Day 24 for me and despite a good diet and a daily B-complex tablet, I'm exhausted. I thought I would have so much more energy, but no. Can't get out of bed in the mornings and going to bed earlier at night. Sleep is OK, but not as good as I had expected. Haven't lost any weight either despite giving up added sugar at the same time.

Guess I'm in for the long haul.

Adm1010 · 22/09/2021 11:29

Thiamine is water soluble and taking a supplement helps but about 95 percent of it is wasted by the body as it just can’t be processed quick enough!! Taking vitamin c high strength alongside B1 will help .

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