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Alcohol support

Does it get easier?

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2lsinllama · 13/09/2021 20:01

I’ve been AF for 19 days. During that time I’ve had a huge row with a friend (misunderstanding), started a new job and had a death in the family. Have stayed away from alcohol throughout. But the Tesco order just arrived and there are a couple of bottles of wine in it as we have visitors this weekend. The temptation is horrible. I’ve put them in the fridge so that the family would see them and then I can’t be tempted to sneak them away but it’s so hard. When do the cravings stop?

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Perriwinkles · 13/09/2021 20:16

I’m Only on 23 so I can’t really help with the cravings but I didn’t want to leave without responding.

I’d struggle if it was in the fridge. Could you ask someone to hide them until the guests arrive?

Treat yourself to a nice cup of coffee/tea/alcohol free beer and crisps/chocolate instead of the wine.

coodawoodashooda · 13/09/2021 20:17

If it's bothering you then take them out of the fridge. Think about how lovely you'll feel tomorrow morning.

Furble · 13/09/2021 20:20

I found the first 6 weeks tough and then it felt like a bit of a cloud lifted and I unclenched my jaw a bit!
I found the really early days incredibly hard because suddenly I was FEELING everything, good and bad, whereas before when I’d started feeling something I could use wine to numb it.
I’m one year sober now and I can tell you the cravings have completely stopped. Even when I hear the sound of a glass of champagne being poured!
I couldn’t have cold wine in the fridge at that stage, I’d get my husband to take them to work until the weekend or lock them in the shed. Let someone in your family know your struggling so they can help you. You’re doing amazingly, keep going. I’m sorry for your loss xx

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