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Alcohol support

I'm seriously worried about his health!

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MummaMinxi · 10/09/2021 23:13

Been with my partner 13yrs, we have 5 kids, 4 live with us & the youngest 2 are his biologically .
He has always been a drinker, began at around 14yrs old, consumption grew with age then by 18 was dealing & taking drugs.
When we got together, he was no longer a dealer but still drank heavily & dabbled in drugs.
We were only meant to be a fling but we got pregnant. He accused me of cheating when I told him & refused to even acknowledge me for a week. I gave him the choice to walk but he stayed.
His drinking since then has increased more & more over time; on a bad day he can start drinking as early as 6.45/7am(1/2 beers) not sure if he drinks during the day but then comes home by 4.30, normally with a beer already open & 5 more for the night, most he will drink, maybe leave one for the morning.
In 2016 a doctor told him his liver wasn't functioning properly, that's all he told me, no further tests or anything ever mentioned or done. It's now 5yrs later & he is showing major signs of, what scares me to my soul, liver disease/cirrhosis. He has a yellow tinge, major mood shifts, memory problems, swollen stomach (but he thinks that's extra weight....only in his stomach 🤦‍♀️) he's always tired, saw his stool the other day & it was so so pale & sorry for TMI but I can hear it falling out of him when he goes 🤢
I've been looking on the dreaded Google & have panicked myself slightly...going by Google, his symptoms & my maths, I work out he has a life expectancy of 9-12yrs and has already lived 5 of them (that's if we go by docs appointment, so could be more years wasted)😭😭
Are there any nurses/doctors/survivors/someone who can help ease my anxieties 🙏🙏🙏

OP posts:
Poppy298 · 13/09/2021 11:34

I really feel for you as my own dad was an alcoholic, he passed when I was in my late teens and my poor mum felt exactly like you did. He passed unexpectedly, there were warning signs and he too was terrified of dying and I genuinely believe he took the “I’d rather not know” approach hence why he didn’t seek medical help towards the end. If you ever need a chat I’m here x

theemmadilemma · 13/09/2021 11:59

How is his eating OP? Usually by this stage I'd be expecting him to be struggling with food and taking most of his fuel via alcohol. I also highly suspect he is drinking through the day. If he needs to start early (to cope with withdrawal) then he'll need to 'fuel' it through the day as well.

I would suspect he's got a lot less time than you think. I wasn't quite as ill as him, but I was malnourished and starting to show signs of jaundice when I finally got help.

I'm sober two years now, luckily for me, I didn't do any permanent liver damage. How, I will never know.

Candleabra · 13/09/2021 12:39

says he's petrified of dying yet won't stop drinking

This is all you need to know. He won't stop drinking.

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