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Just started sertraline

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wonderlust23 · 10/09/2021 20:40

Hi guys after a another drink and drug bender I have finally reached out and got some professional help today . I picked up my anti depressants today and I have rang about therapy. I know I have a long road but I'm proud of my first step . Did any of you have big side affects with sertraline ? I'm abit nervous about them as I've heard they can be really bad . Still have beer fear from 3 days ago too so my anxiety is really bad today xxx

OP posts:
Stuckhere2021 · 10/09/2021 23:27

@wonderlust23 I am a binge drinker and started sertraline around March. Can’t say I had any issues or side effects from it. However I’ve continued to binge drink so am now on Antabuse too.

Strangevipers · 10/09/2021 23:37

Amazing getting some help today !

You can do this.

No idea about the medication but any concerns give the GP a call!

Well done , stay strong !

candycane222 · 11/09/2021 07:59

Ime setraline can make anxiety worse before it makes it better, but it did work well for me once it kicked in with no further issues. I used a lot of breathing exercises and physical exercise for those first couple of weeks, to help with that.

Very best wishes for your recovery.

wonderlust23 · 11/09/2021 12:14

Thanks guys day two today . Not sure if the beer fear is wearing off but starting to feel a lot more positive . Don't think tablets will of kicked in this quickly . Should of taken this step a long time ago . Xx

OP posts:
candycane222 · 12/09/2021 11:40

Great stuff! Glad to hear it Smile

StopWineIng · 12/09/2021 13:13

@wonderlust23 hope you’re feeling a bit better x

Twinklestar1 · 02/02/2022 10:26

Hi OP in regards to the sertraline I started around 6 weeks ago. For the first 2 weeks I had horrific headaches and abdo pain, it did wear off though so persevere. Good luck

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