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Alcohol support

Anyone have experience of online rehab??

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TB445 · 02/09/2021 18:28

I have accepted that I need support to reduce or stop drinking. My GP referred me to the local drugs/alcohol service but the waiting list is beyond ridiculous. Private rehab is extortionate....but I have stumbled across an online version, same amount of therapy/group work etc but all via zoom. It is way cheaper and therefore almost affordable! Has anyone tried this? Hard to know if it would be money well spent or not, but I feel that I am running out of options Sad Any thoughts/experiences would be really helpful!

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MyLifeNow20 · 02/09/2021 18:35

Hi sorry no help but interested what the online group is x

TB445 · 02/09/2021 19:58

@MyLifeNow20 Having problems posting a link. Try googling 'Help me stop' and/or 'online rehab.' If you cant find it give me another shout and I'll try to message you x

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