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Hangxiety - Girls night out, misfit

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loulou0402 · 15/08/2021 15:18

I have hangxiety bad today! Sad
My DS is six months old and yesterday was the first girls day out I have done since before I was pregnant. My friends are all lovely, some of them also new mums.

The Prosecco was flowing over dinner, lots of laughs and catch ups. But as the evening continued and we went to some bars, I just felt so frumpy and like a grandma. I wasn’t dressed as glam or looked as nice as my friends or other women in the bar. I just felt really out of place.
I was drinking a lot, probably to try and boost my confidence and mask my self confidence issues. At one point the bouncer asked me if I was ok because I was a bit wobbly on my feet.. Confused

Everyone was drunk and having a good time but today I just feel so ASHAMED for my behaviour and really upset about my body image. Ive had thoughts all day like “you are a mother - being drunk is not a good look” “all alcohol does is give you hangxiety, it makes you feel good In the moment but worse the next day” “you don’t fit in at trendy bars anymore, you’ve let yourself go and are frumpy”

Am I being too harsh on myself?
Or do I just need to accept that I can’t have those sorts of nights out anymore as it’s a) embarrassing and b) bad for mental health
How can I start to feel more positive about my body image so I don’t use alcohol to boost it?

Advice appreciated x

OP posts:
Clem4579 · 17/08/2021 08:12

It sounds like you're being way too harsh on yourself. Yes you're a mum but you're also a human being. Most of us can relate to having too much to drink on a night out, regretting it the next day, and going over what you said/ did/ wore again and again.
I can almost guarantee no one else paid any attention, they'd be too busy thinking about themselves!

The Style and Beauty board on here is usually a good place for advice on what to wear for nights out, and for body positivity boosts.

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