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Alcohol support

First holiday without alcohol

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Kittykat93 · 15/07/2021 10:46

Going away for a few days this weekend..and it will be my first without alcohol. Im dreading it..only my first week of being sober. I am a binge drinker so once I start I cannot stop, I cannot moderate. Please can I have some tips on how to cope, I need to do this!!

OP posts:
LetsGoDoDoDo · 15/07/2021 14:02

Hi, I'm following this with interest as I too am going away this weekend and know my DP will have a drink (but literally just the one). We're also going away on holiday for a week this summer and it will be my first dry holiday... feeling pretty nervous about that!

Can't give you any tips @Kittykat93 but perhaps we could be accountability buddies?

Schrutesbeets · 15/07/2021 14:09

Well done on making the decision to stop drinking - I've now done 33 days!
I think I'd have struggled going away in my first week but if you have a plan then you're much more likely to stick to it.
You need to find a drink you like and you can have a few of, then don't even think about ordering anything else.
Picture yourself ordering it and even say it out loud several times - 'a mango j2o please' - for example. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Envision yourself ordering at the bar, giving your order to a waiter, or your partner etc. Look in the mirror and say it over and over, go through your whole evening and picture how much better it'll be sober, how much healthier, happier, full of class and grace you'll feel. Waking up without a hangover, the feelings of dread and regret gone etc. Whatever helps you to BE that person.
I've found the practising helps so I don't auto default to - 'a double gin and shot of sambucca please'.

theemmadilemma · 15/07/2021 14:14

Who are you going away with and what is it for?

Can you ensure the focus stays on activities? I know for me, being 'busy' helps.

First is week is starting to face all the situations as a different you, it's a big thing you are doing going away. But it's a BIGGER thing you did getting sober. You admitted you needed to, and then you only bloody did it. You got this. Totally got it. Remember how strong you are and how proud of yourself you should be, and how great you're feeling now. And try and enjoy it!

Kittykat93 · 15/07/2021 16:07

Aww thanks guys. Going away with husband and two young children. I know as soon as they are in bed I'd usually be reaching for the wine bottle but I need to do this for them. I'm sick of being hungover every weekend, blacking out, vomiting, feelings of self loathing and Shame. I just want to be healthy and happy and not trapped being addicted to this Sad I've been a binge drinker for 10 years so I just can't even imagine myself being teetotal but I'm at a point in life I'm fed up of it. Even being raped years ago when blackout drunk still didn't make me quit, how terrible and sickening is that Sad

OP posts:
Kittykat93 · 15/07/2021 16:08

Why are all my emojies showing as gin bottles ! It was sad faces when I wrote the post, ffs haha !

OP posts:
Schrutesbeets · 16/07/2021 05:53

Your situation sounds very similar to mine, OP. Chronic binge drinker for 20 years now! Never knew how to moderate, always took it too far.
I would just say watch out for replacing the habit with something else - I have now started binge eating instead (sugar), and I feel terrible for it in other ways.
I'm planning to do a 3 day juice cleanse this weekend so try and reset my gut as I've had terrible stomach ache recently.
Essentially I have no off switch.

HollowTalk · 16/07/2021 05:57

A friend of mine stopped drinking altogether after reading the Jason Vale book.

Kittykat93 · 16/07/2021 06:02

Yeah I have a really addictive personality, I do eat a lot of crap so I'm very conscious of that at the moment. I'm letting myself eat what I want for the first few weeks of being sober (especially on holiday!) But then I'm going to try and make the effort to eat well too. I managed to give up smoking 18 months ago but drinking is the biggie. I cannot imagine being a non drinker !!

OP posts:
Kittykat93 · 16/07/2021 06:02

Also haven't brought any books yet but will definitely have a look, that's a good idea

OP posts:
Kittykat93 · 16/07/2021 17:14

I'm on my way..instead of wine bottles rattling around In the boot its bottles of pepsi max ..wish me luck Grin

OP posts:
Schrutesbeets · 16/07/2021 19:47

Good luck, OP! Stay strong, you can do this! Have a wonderful time!

Schrutesbeets · 18/07/2021 18:31

How did it go, OP?

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