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AsLongAsIHaveMyTea · 15/06/2021 19:01

I really want to live without alcohol. I’m not addicted but I am drinking too much, and I hate it. I’m fed up with how it makes me look and feel and my husband and I argue so much more when alcohol is involved. I gave up for 6 weeks last year and I felt and looked amazing. I am sick and tired of feeling like this. I can see what a slippery slope it is to go from where I am to addicted. Through some stupid clumsy drunken accident I now have a black eye.I know once I get through the first few weeks I’ll start to feel so much better but I’d love some support and chats with other people. I loved the giving you alcohol for vanity thread but there isn’t too much posting on it anymore.

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CocoLady · 15/06/2021 19:23

Hey il join u ! I've got into a habit where I am drinking from weekends to week nights and struggling to moderate! I'm listening to a few quit lit books right now that I started years ago but didn't complete! Remember it's a drug and it's made to be addictive to humans which is what most people get too !
How much are you drinking op ?
And what made you quit last year then restart ? Xx keep going keep posting xx

AsLongAsIHaveMyTea · 15/06/2021 19:42

Thank you for your reply.
I’m drinking anything from one glass to a bottle of wine a night. I gave up last year because I could put my best into my job, family life and home while drinking. Then when school started again and work got a little easier I started up again.
You’re right that it’s an addictive drug, but it’s everywhere and so so hard to just cut it out

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wintertime6 · 15/06/2021 21:43

Hi, can I join please? I gave up for 6 weeks for Lent this year and felt great, but somehow have slipped back into my old ways. I really worry about what it's doing to my health, including my mental health, and I have 2 young kids so really need to sort this out and start being a better mum and wife. I haven't had a drink since Sunday so I'm on Day 2 😀

AsLongAsIHaveMyTea · 16/06/2021 11:05

Hi Winter - well done on giving up for lent. I totally agree, it’s really so bad for all aspects of health isn’t it? What changes did you notice when you have up?

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AsLongAsIHaveMyTea · 16/06/2021 11:06

Coco how are you? What positives do you notice when you give up?

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wintertime6 · 16/06/2021 21:04

@AsLongAsIHaveMyTea when I gave up I had a load more motivation to get up and do things, tidy the house, go for a run, just generally doing stuff and being productive. I'm the complete opposite at the moment, I'd lie in bed all day if someone would give me the chance, and I just want to sit down on the sofa in the evening and mindlessly scroll on my phone. I hate it, I feel so bleugh and just don't want to do anything. I would love to get back to the motivated version of me.

AsLongAsIHaveMyTea · 16/06/2021 21:12

Hi winter, have you started drinking again? Sorry you’re feeling rubbish. Are you looking to stop drinking again? xxx

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wintertime6 · 17/06/2021 07:32

@AsLongAsIHaveMyTea once lent finished a couple of months ago I started drinking a bit again, and then it has creeped up back to drinking at least one, and often two bottles of wines whenever I do drink. Haven't had a drink since Sunday and have a big deadline in a couple of weeks so determined to stay off it until then, and hoping that I'll start to see the benefits again by then and will want to stay off it 🤞

CocoLady · 17/06/2021 08:04

@AsLongAsIHaveMyTea less sluggish less cravings, nicer skin weight loss!
Someone has suggested to me Annie grace the alcohol experiment and hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction too I'm lookin into all of these!
I don't really want to give up forever just moderate but that seems harder! I also want another baby too so I need to get healthier!
I drank 3 glasses of wine last night have half a bottle left as I drink small glasses with lemonade! I only want to drink on Saturday this week but wrestling with my cravings all day is so hard ! How is everyone doing xx

Northernsoullover · 17/06/2021 08:12

@CocoLady it is definitely harder to moderate. I have given up completely and my life is a million times better for doing so.
I thoroughly recommend Alcohol Lied to Me by Craig Beck. After listening to the book I was instantly turned off booze. I let go thoughts of moderation and embraced an alcohol free life. I never thought I could give up booze and actually be happy about it.

AsLongAsIHaveMyTea · 17/06/2021 09:06

Moderation is so hard to really achieve. I try to moderate them quickly I go back to having wine every night.
I’m trying to find more enjoyable replacements to booze at the end of the day especially after work.

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AsLongAsIHaveMyTea · 17/06/2021 09:31

Winter - good luck with your deadline. Productivity with my job is a huge reason for me to quit the booze! Are you already feeling better?

OP posts:
AsLongAsIHaveMyTea · 18/06/2021 08:53

Hello and I hope you’re having a good Friday morning. I actually had a drink poured for me last night that I turned down - baby steps! But I feel really happy. Woke up this morning still feeling rubbish but so so so much better than I would if I had of had a drink. I’m going to start doing some exercises I think - I used to love that then it obviously all gets put aside for drink!

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