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Alcohol support

Drunk enough to ask for help

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Seriouslythishasgottochange · 05/11/2020 01:45

As the title states really!
I drink too much and am in danger of ruining my life/ health/ affecting my work
Probably not as much as some people but when I start I can’t stop
I am so bored with “ real life “ and can’t seem to get through an evening of chores/ tv/ rest without “ taking the edge off “
I think I need to be accountable to and supported by people who understand and have been successful
It’s almost 2 am and I have to be up in 5 hours for a 15 hour shift- so why am I still pratting around drinking- alone and not really enjoying it?
Any advice really really welcomed

OP posts:
UpToMyElbowsInDiapers · 05/11/2020 01:51

Hi Seriously, I’m utterly unqualified to comment on this but don’t want your chain unresponded to.

If you’re drunk and need to be at work in 5 hours, I don’t see much hope for you being sober by the time you get there. That is at best unprofessional, at worst outright dangerous. I’d suggest you call in sick, and use the day ahead of you - clear-headed and well before you start drinking - to research and reach out to a support group in your local area. Real-person support and accountability are key to this, as I understand it.

It’s courageous of you to come here and acknowledge the issue; now, can you commit to finding yourself some real help?

Good luck, from the bottom of my heart!

Seriouslythishasgottochange · 05/11/2020 02:06

Thanks for your reply , it means a lot
I actually stopped drinking 4 hours ago and only had 2 glasses of wine because I am conscientious but I have sat up late thinking about why I drink- that is what I need help with- I do find I drink every night though
I have never driven after a drink or gone to work when drunk and I never want to so I am trying to stop now before it becomes an issue
I decided to post because I recognise I need to address this before it becomes more of a problem and I see other people have embraced a sober life and seem to thrive
I was alcohol free for a whole year so I know it’s possible...encouragement and advice needed please

OP posts:
Seriouslythishasgottochange · 05/11/2020 02:11

Ah I see - my title was a bit tongue in cheek- I usually try and fix things by myself but felt “ relaxed “ enough to admit that I could do with some support

OP posts:
itdontgoaway · 07/11/2020 10:46

"I was alcohol free for a whole year so I know it’s possible...encouragement and advice needed please"

You have done it before. You can start again today.

XiCi · 07/11/2020 10:51

You say when you start you cant stop but then tell us that you only had 2 glasses of wine and then stopped because you are conscientious. So you can do this. If you want to, you can stop. Maybe just tell yourself you wont have another drink in November so it's an achievable target with a close end date and see how you go from there. I do dry January every year and always think it will be a struggle and it isnt, by the end of Jan it would be easy to just carry on through February.

Holyjebus · 16/11/2020 11:55

I'm the very same :(
I feel I needs wine to get me thriugh the mundanaty of life. Ridiculous really.
I stopped last year for a while and lost loads of weight and felt great. Then the slippery slope happened again. I don't even enjoy wine any more.
Today I'm starting my day one. Maybe you could join me?
It's hard for everyone at the moment, those of us who work are on a treadmill of work, home, wine, repeat.
It's so tough and I feel your pain.
Good luck, sending you a virtual hug!

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