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Alcohol support

A New Year Resolution - a year without booze

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Darker · 30/10/2020 22:57

Last year I did Dry January and had a month off booze in September but felt that I slipped back into bad habits all too easily. So I decided to try having a full year off in 2020. I planned to start with Dry January and see how it went. (What a year to choose!).

I’m now almost ten months in and I’m no hurry to start drinking again. I think I’ll miss it at Christmas, but I’m confident I’ll be fine. I know that I wouldn’t have managed this if I hadn’t thought about it carefully in advance and prepared myself. My drinking habits were just too strong. I was drinking a couple of bottles of wine a week, usually the whole bottle on a Friday and another whole bottle on a Saturday. Plus extra on a stressful day when popping in to the local supermarket for ‘bread’ was a thin excuse to grab something off the shelf from the wine aisle.

So I thought I’d just put this here in case anyone is thinking about it for 2021.

I use the Try Dry app and it’s been amazing.

I don’t plan to stop drinking forever but am also thinking about what happens when I do start again. How do I avoid getting into those bad habits again?

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