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Alcohol support

Should I continue?

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123newyear · 19/09/2020 15:41

Just wondering if anyone can relate or has any advice.

I stopped drinking when lockdown started as I live by myself, suffer from depression and anxiety and thought I would probably drink too much.

I haven't drunk since but am kind of considering going teetotal or at least keeping this up for a year, so until next March.

Is anyone else thinking of doing this?

OP posts:
Pinkshrimp · 19/09/2020 15:55

I wasn’t furloughed or anything so didn’t stop during lockdown but I’m a couple of months in and my anxiety and depression are a lot better for not drinking.
I’m loitering on here, I’m hoping I can get through Christmas and beyond. I will be thrilled if I can get to 6 months, then a year. I’m hoping I can just become teetotal tbh.

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