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Alcohol support

Not feeling the effects of having stopped drinking yet

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bostonbaby · 08/08/2020 01:16

I have drank too much for years. 1.5-2 bottles of wine a night every night I got to during lockdown. A couple of weeks ago, husband and I drank 6 bottles between us one Sunday.

It is not healthy and I stopped over a week ago but I'm not feeling any different yet. Worse if anything.

I'm awake until 3am, up at 8am, I thought my sleep would have improved by now. I have taken kalms tonight but it just gave me a headache

I still wake up fuzzy headed and dazed, maybe see above Hmm

I have lost a couple of pounds, I am probably 3000 calories down as I'm not eating junk all day, I thought it would fall off me.

My skin is awful, so so spotty, is it the hydration returning?

My breath could knock a horse out, teeth feel constantly furry, what's that all about?

I cannot concentrate at all. I got new books to keep me busy and help me sleep but I am reading the pages over and over and have no idea what's happened.

Plus side is the cravings are decreasing a touch, very very slightly although husband is still drinking. I am just upstairs avoiding it so maybe not sustainable

I am just feeling it is not worth it, I feel worse than ever, when are all these magical benefits going to happen? I know if I had a glass or 2 of red I could be asleep within minutes. I am so so tired but I cannot sleep Sad

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Pieceofpurplesky · 08/08/2020 01:25

Give it time. Your body will recover but not straight away. You were drinking an awful lot and it will not be easy - don't give up though

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Failingbettereverytime · 08/08/2020 15:07

Come and join us on the first steps in sobriety thread. We are all starting out and it helps to be facing the challenges together. I am 3 weeks in now and like you I thought I would be feeling healthier by now but Ivrhink we need to be patient with our bodies and give them a chance to heal. One tip I got today from Annie Grace's 39 day challenge, which I recommend signing up to take a selfie every couple of weeks
I did that this morning and hopefully in two weeks time I'll be able to see a difference
I am finding Quit Lit as it's called very helpful. There is a thread on here with recommendations and I've put the ones that helped me on the First Steps thread. Keep posting. You are not alone.

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