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Alcohol support

What’s your end goal?

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BigKnickers87 · 16/07/2020 08:22

I was wondering whether people are aiming to give up forever or get to a certain amount of time or to attempt moderation etc? I’m on 8 weeks today (woooooo for me!!!!) and I’m currently hoping never again 😬😬

OP posts:
Ravenswick · 16/07/2020 09:57

Never again for me, I hope. As long as I can cling on to how good it feels not to be drinking I think it will work :-)

BigKnickers87 · 17/07/2020 09:06

That’s brilliant @Ravenswick! How long have you been AF for?

OP posts:
Ravenswick · 18/07/2020 12:59

I am right at the beginning, day 15 for me - initially aiming for Halloween as it seems a good goal (just over 100 days); how about you?

BigKnickers87 · 19/07/2020 11:39

Ah well done! I’m just over 8 weeks now. I think 100 days is a great goal! I have some days where I think never again and others where I don’t know! Do you think you could moderate?

OP posts:
Ravenswick · 20/07/2020 09:45

Hahahahahaha - moderation 🙄😆👀I’ve been trying to moderate for about 15 years :-) I was never a binge drinker and hated the out-of-control drunk feeling but I drank most nights.

I’d stopped a few times for a month here and there, once when I was going through something stressful and didn’t feel drinking would help and other times to prove to myself I didn’t have a problem 👀😱

I couldn’t give up totally til now because the thought of never drinking made me feel really deprived and as if I was going to miss out my whole life. The big change this time has been reading some fantastic quit lit (recommended on the alcohol free thread) which has helped change my mind set. I now see not drinking as exciting and a massive benefit - just hoping I can hang on to that feeling 😎

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