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Over drinking

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AsLongAsIHaveMyTea · 22/06/2020 08:47

I hate getting really drunk but it feels like something that can’t be avoided in certain circumstances. I hate that I feel rubbish the next day and most often the day after too. I eat awful food the next day too, and I’m trying to lose weight so that’s not helpful. I do love that first sip of a cold drink on a hot day but I’d I’m honest I’d be happy to stop at that. But in social situations I find it really hard to just stick to one or have soft drinks etc. I don’t feel this with family or with my husband- I’m totally fine to stick to one but the pressure of friends “why are you being so GOOD” “oh come on it’s the weekend” etc. Does anyone have advice for this?
Thank you

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caramac04 · 22/06/2020 08:54

Social pressure is unfair and (not deliberately) unkind.
I tend to drink more in company but find that having soda and wine in a 50/50 or 70/30 mix helps as even if I gulp it, the alcohol is balanced by the soda water. Far fewer calories too.
Also, I might have a couple of gin and slimline tonics but then go on to alternate with tonic , no gin. People don’t realise it’s just tonic so no pressure.
The same could be done for other spirits and mixers. Again, fewer calories.

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