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Alcohol support

Too much booze?

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jackio2205 · 16/03/2019 16:32

I've written about this before in other ways, but I can't help be annoyed with my husbands drinking. So Saturday night, I'm pregnant so not drinking (meaning he's drinking on his own, it's not a social thing), he's going to buy a bottle of wine and 4-6 beers. If i was going to have a drink i'd prob buy a bottle and not even finish it?!
He'll drink probably 4 nights a week on average, the average being more than 4 nights not less. Last night he probably had around 7 beers, once again, drinking on his own, just a regular night just watching tv.
There are a million reasons why I have an issue with his drinking and why it affects us, him and me, but in general, is this a normal amount for a guy in his mid 30's in the UK?


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PersonaNonGarter · 17/03/2019 08:32

Well, 14 units or 6 pints of beer is the recommended maximum intake per week.

So this is not normal and your DH has an alcohol issue which you know. It is also a huge number of calories and must be having an effect on his mental health (as well as being quite ££).

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