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Alcohol support

The shakes or something else?

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shakeydrinkey · 28/02/2019 15:37

Obvious NC for this as I don't want it linked to my usual name.

So I'm a long term alcohol abuser. I know people hate the term, but high functioning I suppose. Good career etc.

Long term - over 10 years. Hit it's peek around 2.5 years ago when I hit the vodka, 18 mths ago I was at 1tr a day. 1 year vodka clean now. Wine was then the choice, up to 3 bottles a day, tapering down slowly. Then I hit a place when I decided this had to stop more.

Last 7 days I have been 0-1 glass.

However, I'm still getting what I call the DT's/The Shakes.

When I was drinking a ltr a day obviously this was pronounced and I would self medicate with more vodka to get it to go away. So started the never ending circle of destruction. Not eating, drinking for fuel etc.

I expected a few days of feeling shit, actually it wasn't as pronounced as I thought it would be. In fact I feel generally much better.

But, the shakes are still there. Really still there. I'm eating reasonably well now.

So questions:

Is this my blood sugar levels adjusting or something?
Is this something else medical I should be concerned about?
Is this something someone else has experienced and how long does this last?

Any help or advice from someone who has been here would be so appreciated.

I feel like I've been self medicating with alcohol for so long thinking that was the cause of the shakes. And now I'm near 0 I thought this would just go...

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