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Alcohol support

How do I help my friend?

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namechange123779 · 21/01/2019 19:41

Please help if you have any experience or advice , for as long as I can remember my friends been a heavy drinker, the last 5-6 years high functioning alcoholic. Many discussions and fall outs due to me raising this in the past but now she's so desperately ill, drinking all the time I'm terrified she will hurt herself or god forbid someone else. She was hospitalised a while ago for alcohol poisoning ( couldn't wake up) hospital sent her home she has mental health issues independent of the drinking but they wouldn't section her due to the drinking. There's trouble at work, loss of friends ,more examples of alcoholism than I could possibly write.

Her husband doesn't believe she has a problem ( I'd estimate conservatively 2-3 bottles of wine at least every day ) drinking starts when she wakes up in the morning, or if she wakes in the night. I really feel for him and from initially researching he is enabling her.

What can I do if they're refusing to see the problem? I'm terrified she's going to kill herself one way or another. Any ideas would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance x

OP posts:
Cantusethatname · 21/01/2019 20:27

You can't do anything at all.
There is nothing you can do to help and nothing you can do to make her see sense.
Maybe she will come to you when she has lost the job and the husband and is ready to think about what is happening.

ApolloandDaphne · 21/01/2019 20:29

You can't help her. She has to want to help herself. Has she got children?

MrsMaisel · 23/01/2019 19:33

In a similar situation I told my friend it was time to do something about it, then called AA, found the details for a meeting - took her home and told her husband she needed to get help ... he said she refused help but if I could get her to go - fine... I dropped her off at AA, drunk but not disruptive. Then her husband booked her into rehab

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