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Alcohol support

Alcohol hair thread test

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Annamaria10 · 23/06/2018 06:57

I had an alcohol problem last year, resulting in a nervous breakdown. My ex husband (who walked out on us previous) has counter submitted a court order along side mine, to get clear order for where kids should be. Carcass have recommended they are with me, he agrees with access and we went to court. Carcass are requesting a hair strand test from me. I am in full agreement, but am on benefits. They want me to pay half with my ex. I can't offered this. I get nothing from him ATM and feel it unfair. I feel a simple test that's around £200, when we are both happy to have the order put in place, is not for the responsibility of me to pay, when I live on the bread line as it is.

Please help

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